Octagon 20 Advance Incubators – the Professional Range

This can be used for all kinds of species as it provides the control and reliability to ensure top hatch rates   Available over our Secure Online Store – or order over the phone: 1-888-354-4666 x1 Octagon 20 ADVANCE digital egg incubator – the Latest Model! With Cooling Feature for greater hatchability … This incubator … Read more

Schlupfergebnisse: Kuecken sterben in der Schale

    Incubation Procedures   Schlechte Schlupfergebnisse sind frustrierend und das Ergebnis einer Vielzahl von Faktoren.  Die häufigsten davon finden Sie unten. Sammeln Sie so viele Informationen wie möglich von den Brutergebnissen, damit das Problem im Detail analysiert werden kann. Falls, die Eier kuenstlich gebruetet werden, notieren Sie das Datum, an dem Sie die Eier … Read more

Orange-chinned Parakeet, Brotogeris jugularis

Egg Candlers

If you want to know about the Egg Candlers for candling bird eggs to assess viability and development, visit Beauty of Birds and get all the information related to that.

Robin Nestlings

Egg Incubation Temperatures

The eggs of almost all domestic bird species can be incubated at the same incubation temperature; because of that, eggs of several different bird species can be incubated at the same time within the same incubator.

Incubation Data for Pionus Parrots

  Information about Pionus Parrots … Breeders Resources … Incubation Data for Other Parrots Blue-headed Pionus or Red-vented Parrot (Pionus menstruus) 3 – 5 eggs in a clutch that are typically incubated for about 24 – 26 days Dusky Parrot (Pionus fuscus) 3 – 5 eggs in a clutch that are typically incubated for about … Read more

Mini Advance


  Hatching Eggs Incubators Useful Information: Breeders’ Resources … Incubation Information (html) … Egg Suppliers … Brooders and Intensive Care Units Several features are standard in popular or larger incubator models: Automatic turners that turn eggs at least once every 2 hours to 4 hours are recommended. Humidifiers: There are different types available. Some are … Read more