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The list of Bird Breeders of Washington State, here at Beauty of Birds you can get all the information about the Bird Breeders of Washington State.

If you don’t find anyone near you, contact the closest one to your location and ask for a referral to trusted, reputable breeder, or locate a bird club and ask for a lead.

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    Luminary Parrots, Washington State – website: luminaryparrots dot com.  Tel. 360-980-2986 … Ships to the nearest major airport to you or will meet locally

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      Whidbey Birds – Coupeville, Washington – Tel. 360-929-2869   Fax: 360 6788484. Website: whidbeybirds dot comm

      Breeds: 1. Indian ringnecks (all colors) , 2. Lovebirds, 3. Macaws, 4. Congo African Greys, 5. Amazons Parrpts, 6. Caiques, 7. Alexandrines, 8. Bourkes Parakeets, 9. Quaker Parrot, 10. Sun Conures, 11. Green Cheek Conures (all colors and mutations), 12. Cockatiels, 13. Scarlet Chested Parakeets, 14. Parrotlets (all colors), 15. Kakarikis 16. English Budgies, 17. Red Rump Parakeets, 18. Eclectus Parrots, 19. Black Cap Conures, 20. Canary Wing Parakeets, as well as MANY OTHER BREEDS

      Carol Groenevelt – Canary Palace– url: N/A – Vancouver, Wa

      Breeds: show quality canaries: red factor, recessive white, yellow colorbred, Glosters and Staffords. N/A m. Will Ship

      Squawk “N” Talk Aviary
      Centralia, Washington … (360) 807-9852
      A small aviary in Washington State, specializing in hand fed exotic parrots. All birds are health guaranteed. Pet stores welcome. Quantity discount available.

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        Breeds: Conures (Greater Patagonian, Peach Front, Sun Conures, Green Cheek Restricta); Parrots (Meyers, Senegals); Lovebirds (Fishers, Black Mask, Blue Black Mask, Peach Face); Bourkes (Rosy, Normal, Cream); Cockatiels (Lutino, Cinnamon Pearls/Pieds, Normal Greys, Albinos); Amazons (Blue Fronts, Yellow Napes, Double Yellow Heads, Lilac Crowns

        Bob Sutherland, Marysville, WA – Tel.: 360-654-1786

        Breeds: Washington Dragoon, Shakhsharli, Indian Mondaine, Syrian Turbiteen, Dewlap

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