Blue-throated Conures / Red-rumped Conures

Blue-throated Conures (Pyrrhura cruentata) are also known as Blue-chested or Blue-throated Parakeet , or Blue-chested or Red-rumped Conures.

These conures originate from tpge Atlantic rainforest in eastern Brazil. Habitat destruction and fragmentation have resulted in a massive decline in their numbers. Small flocks can be found in isolated areas of remaining forests and the few areas set aside as reserves.

Diet / Feeding:

The natural diet consists mainly of tree-fruits, seeds, flowers and berries.

Breeding / Nesting:

This conure nests in a tree cavity. The female usually lays between two to four eggs and both parents incubate the eggs for about 25 days. The young fledge when they are about 10 weeks old.

Blue-throated Conure

Blue-throated Conure


The Blue-throated Conure is a medium-sized conure, with an approximate length of 28 – 30 cm or approx 11 – 12 inches from head to tail tip, and weighs around 3.2 oz or 90+/- grams.

This green parakeet has a dark brown crown, red ear-coverts, green cheek and orange yellow on sides of neck. It has a blue upper chest, yellow green uppertail, red underside tail feathers, greyish bill, blue outer wing feathers, and red shoulder and belly patch.

Males and females look alike. The young is duller than adult.

Personality / Pet Potential:

Because of their endangered status, many experts believe that these conures should not be kept in captivity unless they are placed into a breeding program. Their expected life span is 30 years.

Little is known of their pet potential as they are so rare.

Blue-throated Conure on flat surface
Blue-chested Conure

Breeding / Reproduction:

These conures are fairly easy to breed.


Genus: Scientific: Pyrrhura … English: Red-tailed Conures … Dutch: Roodstaartparkieten … German: Rotschwanzsittiche … French: Perruche à queue rouge

Species: Scientific: Pyrrhura cruentata … English: Blue-throated Conure, Red-rumped Conure … Dutch: Blauwkeelconure … German: Blaulatzsittich … French: Perruche oreillon rouge … CITES I – Protected

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