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The Ceram Lories or Blue-eared Lories (Eos semilarvata) are also known as Ceram Lories, Half-masked Lories or Seram Lories. This endangered species is found in the mountains of Central Seram (formerly Ceram) (Maluku Province), in Indonesia. Please refer to below distribution map.

This lory is sometimes found in altitudes as low as 800 m (2,624.7 feet), but primarily occur from 1600-2400m (~ 5,200 – 7,900 feet). It feeds on flowering trees. They are usually found in small flocks. This is a common species in its limited range.

This Blue-eared Lory is evaluated as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.



The Blue-eared Lory averages 24 cm or 9.4 inches in length. The plumage is mainly red, with blue cheeks, chin and ear-coverts (= feathers covering the ears), purple-blue abdomen and undertail coverts, and black streaked wings.

Adult Ceram Lories have an orange beak, while the beak of juveniles is pinkish.


Ceram LoriesLories as Pets or in Aviculture:

Due to their endangered status, any suitable specimen that cannot be released back into their natural habitat (native range) should preferably be placed into a well-managed breeding program to ensure the continued survival of this species..



Family: Loriidae … Genus: Scientific: Eos … English: Red Lory … Dutch: Rode lori … German: Rotloris … French: Lori rouge

Species: Scientific: Eos semilarvata … English: Blue-eared Lory, Ceram Lory … Dutch: Blauwoorlori … German: Halbmaskenlori … French: Lori à joues bleues


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