Is It a “Cinnamon” or a “Pineapple”?

Pine-apple Greencheek Conure

Article by By Marcy Covaul, President, Pyrrhura Breeders Association

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Mutations of the Green-cheek Conure

A cinnamon-yellow-sided, or “pineapple,” is a visual color manifestation resulting from a combination of color genes which then exhibits characteristic colors of both cinnamon and yellowsided. 

When compared to a cinnamon, a pineapple should have extra red and yellow (particularly notable under the wings), and sometimes there will be shoulder patches (epaulets) of red and yellow on the upper bend of the wing. In a cinnamon, the yellow will have a lime green cast to it (check under full spectrum light), whereas the pineapple’s yellow will be bright with no lime green cast.

The cinnamon will not have reddish orange around the lower beak feathers, but the pineapple usually will, and in addition, will have some red above the cere.

The pineapple’s tail will also be telltale of the yellow-sided influence, so that if you look at the tail feathers from above, you will see a slight“halo” of lighter color around the tips of the feathers (particularly noticeable in young birds). This also gives the tail an almost translucent red tinge. The cinnamon color will be more muted and will not have that “halo.”

Pineapple Greencheek Conures

I Just Recently Got A

I Just Recently Got A Pineapple Conure On September 15, 2015, And I Was Hoping To Get A Little Help, And Information On Conures All I Know Is This Bird Was The Sweets Bird When I 1st Met Him, And For The 1st Few Days, He Was Such A Sweet Bird, And He Would Let Me Hold Him, And Play With Him. After A Few More Days I Noticed Him Starting To Nibble… The The Nibble, Or Beating Got Harder, Qnd Harder, When I Would Have To Literally Put Him Back In His Cage Or Only When I am Sitting Move My Hand Really Fast So That He Drops On My Legs. Today Is Oct. 1, 2015, On Yesterday He Was Really Aggressive, And Didn’t Want To Play, And Not He Wasn’t Nibbling, Beaking, He Bit Me, And Put A Hole In My Finger, And Yes My Finger Was Bleeding. I Just Don’t Understand What I am Doing Wrong, And If This Continues I Might Have To Return Him To The Store. :0*( My Husband, And I Are So Attached To It To… I’m So Torn Right Now, Because I Don’t Know What To Do, Please If Anyone Can Help I Would Really Appreciate It. Thank-You So Very Much In Advanced For Your Help. P.s. I Even Willing To Give My Phone Number So That I Can Talk To Someone That Can Help. Crazy I Know, But I Don’t Want To Have To Return Him To The Store. :0*(

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My strongest recommendation

My strongest recommendation is to spend as much time with him as you can.  But do not touch him with your hands.  Do not get closer to him as he feels comfortable. 

Birds are prey animals.  If they don’t feel safe or if anything spooks them, they will bite first and “ask later.” … This is instinct.  They will bite if they are concerned about anything. This could have some quick movements near him; some noises that he can’t explained.  He has not had the time to bond with you.  He (or she) is likely to be scared and upset about the move as well.

Sit close to him and talk to him  with a calm and gentle voice.   Once he is comfortable with you being close to him, offer a treat from an open hand – but do not reach towards him, but have him come to pick it up from you instead.

Take your time; make friends; wait until he feels comfortable in his new home.  Learn to read his feelings … the webpage below will help with that.



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