Maroon-fronted Parrots

The Maroon-fronted Parrot (Rhynchopsitta terrisi) is endemic to northern Mexico; specifically they can be found in the Sierra Madre Oriental in Nuevo León, Coahuila and Tamaulipas.

Maroon-fronted Parrots live in mature pine, mixed conifer as well as pine-oak forests – from 2000 to 3500 meters.


This bird is considered vulnerable due to overgrazing and habitat destruction.

It is estimated that only 2500-3000 birds remain, while 95 to 110 young are produced in a year.


This large, macaw-like parrot averages 38 cm or 15.2 inches in length (including tail).

The plumage is mostly dark green except of a dark red shoulder and a maroon forehead an eye-stripe.

It wings and tail appear to be black when it is in flight.

Calls / Vocalization:

It makes a high, rolling cr-a ak sound. Flocks of them sound similar to the Acorn Woodpecker heard from a distance.

Nesting / Breeding:

They nest in limestone cliffs near moving water in large colonies.

Breeding coincides with the fruition of pines, which is its main food source, and they lay one to three eggs in July. The incubation period is 24 to 26 days

These juveniles fledge around November. They migrate over short distances seasonally.


Species: Scientific: Rhynchopsitta terrisi aka Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha terrisi … English: Maroon-fronted Parrot … Dutch: Grote Dikbekpapegaai … German: Maronenstirnsittich … French: Perroquet à front marron

CITES I: Protected

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