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Lories and Lorikeets: Overview (Naming, Range and Description)



The Meek’s Lorikeet (Charmosyna meeki) is native to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. Its preferred habitat includes subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and subtropical or tropical moist montanes.


Status in the Wild / Distribution:

This lory is endangered in its natural habitat due to habitat destruction, and is listed as CITES II.


Lories as Pets or in Aviculture:

Due to their endangered status, any suitable specimen that cannot be released back into their natural habitat (native range) should preferably be placed into a well-managed breeding program to ensure the continued survival of this species.



Family: Loriidae

Genus: Scientific: Charmosyna … English: Honey Lorikeets … Dutch: Honingpapegaaien … German: Zierloris … French: Loriquet de miele

Species: Scientific: Charmosyna meeki aka Hypocharmosyna meeki … English: Meek’s Lorikeet … Dutch: Meeks Lori … German: Meeks Zierlori … French: Loriquet de Meek

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