Color Mutations of the Peachfaced Lovebirds aka Rosy-faced Lovebirds

Peachfaced Lovebirds Color Mutations

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    The names of the Lovebird mutation are listed on the photos.  Lovebird mutations featured on this page include: Dark Factor Violet, Pied, Violet Pied, Dutch Blue, Lutino, White-faced Lovebirds, Dark Blue American mutation, Green Australian Cinnamon, Seagreen, Orange-faced, etc.

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      Dark Factor Violet Lovebird
      Feral Lovebird Family
      Dutch Blue Lovebird Juvenile (note the dark markings on her upper beak). About 8 weeks old - Name “Tiki”
      Dutch Blue Lovebird with Violet Pied Lovebird
      Female Lutino (orange face?); Male: Dominant Teal Pied
      White-face Medium Violet Pied Female and White-face Violet American Cinnamon Male
      White-face Medium Violet Pied Female and White-face Violet American Cinnamon Male
      Peach-face Lovebird (White faced lovebird mutation - Agapornis Roseicollis)
      Medium Green White faced Peach-face Lovebird
      Green Pied Peach-face Lovebird
      White Faced Dark Blue American Cinnamon Lovebird
      Green Australian Cinnamon Peach-face Lovebird
      Peach-face Lovebirds (Left: Red Opaline - Right: Orange-faced Opaline Mutations
      Feral Lovebird Family
      Lutino Peachfaced Lovebird
      Dutch Blue Mutation
      Seagreen mutation (also known as AquaTurquoise in the European parlance)
      Whitefaced Blue (Turquoise) Lovebird

      The lovely photos below featuring various peach-face lovebird mutations were kindly provided by:

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        Terry Quinn – Talented Photographer and Breeder of Lovebirds, Conures and Canaries.

        Lovebird Mutations
        American and Australian Cinnamon Mutation
        Blue Violet Mutation
        Seagreen Lovebird
        Violet Mutation
        Autralian Cinnamon - Young Adult
        Australian Cinnamon
        Pied Dutch Blue Mutation
        Pied Mutation
        Dutch Blue Mutation
        Lutino Lovebird Chick
        Australian Cinnamon
        Dark Factor Dutch Blue Mutation
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