Can be used Hand-Held or Free-Standing

Protects from Bites and Gathers the Waste. Excellent Training Tool!

The Percher - multifaceted - can be used as a portable stand or a perch!

The Percher can be used without the Stand to pick a bird up, to hold it, or to carry a pet aroundThe versatile Percher® bird perch can easily be used as hand-held or free-standing device.

The easy-to-clean Percher is comprised of a textured perch (for easy gripping), a protective cone, a grip handle and a decorative base that twist and lock together which allows for six different configurations all in one product.

The cone allows bird owners to pick up their pets without fear of being bitten and also protect surfaces underneath from droppings.

It doubles as a portable stand to provide your pet a place to perch anywhere you like.

Suitable for a wide range of birds – from parakeets up to African Greys, Cockatoos and Mid-size Macaws

The Percher measures 8″ in diameter and 11-1/2″ high in standard table-top configuration. Please scroll down for photos.

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Most birds will readily step up on this perch – in some instances, gently pushing the perch against a parrot’s legs will prompt them to step up.

    • Even phobic or easily frightened birds can be taught to regard this retrieval perch as a “good thing” – please scroll down for instructions.

Percher VariationsThe Percher - The Portable Perch and Training ToolPercherPercherThe Percher can be used without the StandThe Percher can be used without the StandThe Percher can be used without the stand

Discontinued Item / Limited Availability:

With the Pick-me-up” Retrieval Perch your pet will no longer be out of your reach

This extendable perch offers a simple solution to a common problem:

How do you get pet birds off their preferred perching places (which are usually found in high places around the house).

The extendable “Pick-me-up” Perch presents a non-threatening way of retrieving parrots. Even parrots that don’t like to be handled don’t mind “stepping up” on this perch.


  • Natural wood perches with simple screw-in connections between the extensions allows you to shorten or lengthen the perch as needed
  • Available Lengths:
    • Extendable Pick-me-up Perch: 23 inches long
  • Extremely durable—engineered to last for years.
  • Quick an easy to assemble – simply screw the segments together. Connections are strong.

Available over our Secure Online Store – or order over the phone: 1-888-354-4666 x1

Training Recommendations:

  • For phobic birds or birds that are easily frightened of new items, it is recommended to place the perch close to his or her cage for some time before attempting to pick a parrot up. Give them time to look at the perch and to get used to it. Gradually place it closer to the cage – until the perch is right up against the food dish. Once a parrot shows no fear of the perch, you can start picking him or her up with it. Some birds may be scared of the cone in particular and until they are used to it, temporarily removing the cone will help. Leave cone near bird until used to it, then put back on and use as is convenient.
  • Don’t teach a parrot to dislike the perch! A big mistake people make is to teach a parrot that a retrieval perch is bad. The way to do that is to pick parrots up with the retrieval perch and immediately place them into their cages. Parrots are smart – they will learn to associate a perch with being placed back into their cages – thus they will be reluctant to step up onto perch. The way to avoid that is to pick a parrot up and reward it:
    • Walk around for a little while. Look out of the window for a moment – enjoying the going-ons outside. Give it some “quality attention” — it doesn’t have to be long. A couple of minutes suffice.
    • Then place the parrot back into his cage — with a freshly filled food dish – or some treats waiting for him.
    • If you proceed this way, your parrot will associate this perch with something GOOD – and retrieving your parrot will no longer be a challenge.

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