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The below bird gyms are made from (plumbing-grade) PVC pipe covered with vet-wrap – to make it easier for the parrot to grip it. The smaller gym has 3 levels, and the top has a flexible rope perch so she can get onto her climbing net. (Photos and information by Danae R., Grand Junction, CO)

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playground setup

Comment by Amber Convery (photos above): “This is our rainbow lorikeets ‘cage’. This is where he lives, as we don’t like the look of cages and think it is sad to see birds in a cage. He only goes to the loo when he is on that perch, and underneath we have vynl to catch the mess of his droppings. He can also get on and off it and walk around the room/climb curtains. The entire room is basically his and it is the room where we also spend most of our time 🙂 It is also bird-proofed. 

We made the ‘cage’ ourselves by cutting down a tree, sawing off excess branches and the leaves and thoroughly cleaning it. We then drilled it onto a board with a rim which we also made. The toys we bought and just attached them. His food and water bowls and his bath are on the ground, which is also nice because he doesn’t drop fruit all over the floor then and it is very easy to clean 🙂

{There is a] small perch on my study desk so he can sit on that and play whilst I work, but his favorite spot is definitely on my computer keyboard 😉

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