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Dr. Guoliang (Gavin) Tang – Gavin is Practitioner of Exotic Companion Animal Medicine at Mei Lian Zhong He Veterinary Hospital in Beijing, China

Beijing Ornamental Animal Hospital, Dr. Chen, Address: No. 7 North Third Ring Middle Road, Xicheng District, Phone: 010-62051944-8307

Beijing Dayi Animal Hospital, Doctor An, Address: Room 101, Building 7, Yuzeyuan Community, Changhua South Road, Haidian District, Phone: 010-88859567

Beijing Meilian Zhonghe Animal Hospital Referral Center, Address: No. 168, Beiyuan Road, Anhuili, Chaoyang District, The second floor of Zhongan Shengye Building

Doctor Wu, Doctor Xie, Doctor Wang, Address: 474 Binjiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Phone: 020-87001175, WeChat leader87001175

Barbie Hall Animal Hospital, Doctor Su, Address: Shop 103, First Floor, Huajian Building, Tianfu Road, Tianhe District, Phone: 020-87573831: 18819246882

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Why Does My Bird Bite and What To Do About It

    Barbie Hall Animal Hospital South China Branch, Doctor Zhong,  Address: No. 176-178, Qianjin Road, 31 District, Bao’an District, Phone: 0755-27473732: 13728649147

    Barbie Hall Animal Hospital, Dr. Sheng, Dr. Chen, Address: No. 833, Qianwei West Road, Xishan District, Tel. 0871-67335706

    Rainforest Pet Hospital, Doctor Huang, Address: No. 10 Hongzhong Road, Minhang District, Phone: 021-60830135

    Nagya Animal Hospital, Doctor Ho, Address: No.10 Qingyang Avenue, Qingyang District, attached 24-25, Tel. 028-68426699

    Chengdu Chongyin Animal Hospital, Doctor Wang, Address: No. 1 Supo East Road, Phone: 028-64057120

    Abel Animal Hospital, Doctor Sun, Address: Intersection of Jiannan Avenue and Tianfu Fourth Street, No. 1751, Jiannan Avenue, Wuhou District, Phone: 028-86007960

    Fame Boutique Animal Hospital, Doctor Zhong, Address: No. 2, No. 13, Wuhong Road, Jiangbei District, Phone: 023-67601298 / 67601289

    Ruipaikangde Pet Hospital, Doctor Xie, Doctor Shen,  Address: No. 3046, Nanxin Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen –  Phone: 0755-26665456

    Shenzhen Safari Park Pet Hospital, Doctor Wang,  Address: In the parking lot of Shenzhen Wild Animal Park, Xili, Nanshan District – Phone: 0755-26629918

    Chong Yisheng Pet Hospital (Bojin Store), Doctor Jiang, Doctor Zhang, Address: Floor 4-113, Nanyuan, Platinum Bay, Daguan, Haihe District, Hexi District – Phone: 13612047700 15122295312

    Stop Bird Biting!

    Download our free e-book:

    Why Does My Bird Bite and What To Do About It

      Zhang Xu Animal Hospital, Doctor Liu,  Address: No. 266, Hedong Road, Xiacheng District,  Appointment Tel: 0571-88806817 0571-86873458

      Soppard Animal Hospital, Doctor Sun, Address: No.17, Dishang Building 2, Sheng’ao Lingyu, Jianggan District, Phone: 0571-88103910

      Boyang Animal Hospital, Doctor Lee, Address: Gate 8, No. 26, Cangshan Road, Huanggu District – Phone: 024-31411900

      Dr. Pet Animal Clinic, Doctor Zhang, Address: No. 93, Beishuncheng Road, Shenhe District – Phone: 024-31034322 / 15940262925

      Xi’an Bangtai Animal Hospital, Doctor Wei,  Address: Facade of Bailuwan Community (West District), Lianhu District, Tel: 15339229821

      AMC Feline Exotic Animal Hospital, Doctor Ding,  Address: No. 99, Qingliangmen Street, Gulou District, Phone: 025-83434670

      Dalian Dongri Pet Hospital, Doctor Tan, Address: 106 Minghe Street, Zhongshan District, Phone: 0411-84110011

      Liuzhou Xiaoli Animal Hospital, Doctor Liu, Address: No. 73, Changqing Road (next to the floating police station), Phone: 0772-2510120

      Doctor Song Animal Hospital, Doctor Zhong, Address: Ximendi Shang, Tianhe Apartment, Ordos East Street, Saihan District, Phone: 0471-4215643 15049100115

      Stop Bird Biting!

      Download our free e-book:

      Why Does My Bird Bite and What To Do About It

        Jihe Animal Hospital, Doctor Zhang, Xinyuan District, Great Wall, Aimin Street, Xincheng District, Phone: 18847163989, Baotou

        Shangke Animal Hospital, Intersection of Tuanjie Avenue and Baiyun Road,Phone: 0472-2164718

        Aike Animal Hospital, Doctor Wang, Address: Shop 203-1, Block 203-1, No. 8 Xingfu Road, Qingshan District, Phone: 0472-3110866: 13634728877

        Lane Animal Hospital, Doctor Liu, Address: Park District Development Hengrun First City, Phone: 0433-8331233

        Chong Baoli Pet Hospital, Doctor Zhang, Address: Shop 8 of U2 Apartment, Baita Road, Phone: 0871-63165127

        Zhengzhou Andy Pet Hospital, Doctor Gong, Address: Intersection of Nongye Road, Tongbai Road, Zhongyuan District, Tel: 15093183150 (same phone number on WeChat)

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