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The Wallace’s Hanging Parrot (Loriculus flosculus) – also known as the Flores Hanging Parrot – is endemic to the western parts of the island of Flores in the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia.

Their preferred habitat includes forest and wooded areas, as well astall secondary vegetation. Outside the breeding season, they are usually seen in small family groups and small flocks of up to 10 birds. At times larger gatherings can be seen foraging in favored feeding areas, such as on flowering and fruiting trees.

The Wallace’s Hanging Parrot is well camouflaged by its plumage and is, therefore, easily overlooked in the foliage. They are most commonly seen flying. Their flight is rapid with whirring wing-beats. Their calls are not particularly loud, but sharp and shrill.

Due to its very small range and population, this parrot qualifies as endangered. The current population is estimated at between 2500 and 10000. Its main threat is habitat destruction due to deforestation.

Please note that some sources consider this species extinct. The state that the only specimen collected in about 1875 on Flores Island may not have been a valid species and it disappearead after deforestation. (References: Fuller, E. Extinct Birds of the World QL676.8.F85 1987 ISBN 0-8160-1833-2 p.13).


This is a small arboreal parrot, averaging 4.75 inches (11 to 12 cm in length). The male is predominantly yellowish-green, with a red bill, an elongated red spot on the throat, orange legs and dark red nape, bright red rump and uppertail-coverts. The bill is pale red with yellow tips. The iris of the male is orange (hen brown) and the feet are brownish-flesh in color.

Hens have brown irises and the red throat patch is much smaller or even absent in some females.


Their natural diet consists of nectar, fruits, buds, flowers and seeds.


Species: Scientific: Loriculus flosculus … English: Wallace’s Hanging Parrot … Dutch: Flores Hangparkiet … German: Blütenpapagei … French: Loricule de Walace

CITES II – Endangered Species

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