Should Parrots Eat Eggs? How This Affects Your Parrot

Can Parrots eat eggs?Are eggs good for parrots? You might be wondering if giving eggs to your parrots will be good for them as a lot of types of birds eat eggs in the wild. However, is it the same with your domesticated parrot? We are here to tell you the do’s and don’ts of feedings eggs to parrots.

In general, it is good for parrots to consume eggs. They can be given as is without even cooking, or you can choose to boil or scramble the eggs. This also includes the feeding of the eggshell. However, one thing to note is the frequency of egg feeding because it should only be given in moderation.

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    Feeding eggs to your parrots proves to give a lot of benefits. At the same time, the act of feeding eggs to a parrot can trigger their natural instincts. Therefore, there are many factors to consider when you want to feed eggs to your parrots.

    Why is it Good to Feed Eggs to Parrots?

    Generally, birds love to consume eggs as they need the nutrients in it to survive in the wild, the same goes for your parrot even if it is domesticated. Eggs are a good source of protein and other key nutrients that can energize and help make the bodily functions of your parrot better.

    The egg yolk contains choline, which is a brain food that can help in speeding up the signals for the brain. This is extremely helpful if you are training your parrot to speak or to do other tricks.

    At the same time, it also helps in the liver functions and the proper distribution of nutrients in your parrot’s body. The main component of an egg is protein as a typical chicken egg contains at least 12% protein.

    Protein is great because it distributes amino acids that can also help with the brain’s functions. What happens is that protein creates neurotransmitters that deliver quick messages to the brain.

    In turn, your parrot can think quickly and will be energetic. As for the eggshell, it is a good source of calcium. This can immensely help with the growth and development of your parrot.

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      Calcium is so important for your parrot’s growth and overall health, that is why we recommend to always offer cuttlebones! Read our article on cuttlebones and the 4 reasons why they are amazing for parrots here!

      Further, eggs contain a lot of amino acids. Amino acids are something that is not naturally produced in a parrot’s body. It has to be consumed in order to get them, so having eggs are handy for your parrot to get extra nutrients.

      Another good source of protein is meat. Yes, parrots can eat meat as well and it is beneficial for most of them! However, this is another topic. Read more on parrots and meat in this article!

      How to Serve the Eggs

      The surprising thing about feeding an egg to your parrot is that it can be fed raw. Meaning, you can just simply give your parrot an egg, and it will know what to do.

      However, this is not recommended for parrots who were bred in a controlled area because they are not used to eating raw egg, and their stomach might not process it properly the first time. What you can do is to slowly incorporate eggs in their diet may they be cooked or raw.

      On the other hand, if your parrot is wild caught. You should not encounter problems as it was already used to eating raw eggs. So, if you want to serve cooked eggs, how should they be prepared?

      Hard Boiled

      This is recommended for parrots which were not exposed to eating eggs. The boiling process takes away the hard proteins that can be difficult to break down in your parrot’s body. Further, it softens the egg so your parrot can easily correlate the egg as its regular food.


      Make sure that you do not add seasoning to the scrambled eggs and do not use oil in cooking them. Just like with boiling it, the scrambled eggs are now easier for the parrot’s body to break down the protein.

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        This is still acceptable to give to your parrot, but it is not recommended. The reason behind this is that some of the egg proteins may pool on one side and the heat cannot properly break them down. Again, it is important to not use oil in frying the egg.

        How Frequent Should I Feed Eggs to My Parrot?

        In the wild, birds can eat as much egg as they want. However, for domesticated birds, eggs should only be given in moderation. The reason behind this is that the mix of processed bird food and egg may not agree with the digestive process of your parrot.

        At the same time, there are also certain behavioral changes to your parrot that can be brought about by too much protein and amino acids from the eggs. We will discuss this later on.

        If it is your first time to feed your parrot an egg, once a week is ideal. Once it gets used to it, you can up the intake to twice a week, given that its other food is processed bird food.

        On the other hand, if you are also feeding your parrot raw food, an egg once a week is sufficient. Moreover, make sure that you start feeding your parrot cooked eggs first before you start giving it a raw egg.

        Further, for the eggshell, it is best that you grind it a bit first. Later on, when your parrot is already accustomed to it, you can give it the whole eggshell.

        How Egg Feeding Can Affect Your Parrot’s Behavior

        As we have discussed previously, an egg contains a lot of nutrients that can energize and help with the brain functions of your parrot. Therefore, your parrot will be more alert, active, and sociable.

        On the other hand, feeding too much egg to your parrot, especially raw ones can trigger their natural wild instincts. They might start becoming protective of their food and even treat their food or the things around them as prey.

        This is the reason why egg feeding should be done in moderation. Of course, you do not want your pet to become wild in such a way that you can no longer handle them, or worse, for them to become predatory.

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          But if you keep the eggs at the minimum feeding requirement, you will not encounter any problems. A lot of owners that train their parrots to speak or to do other tricks swear by the feeding of eggs to actively stimulate the brain of the parrot.

          They are more receptive in training and are more patient. Moreover, they react and play more with their owners.Are eggs safe for parrots to eat?

          Does Egg Contain Too Much Cholesterol?

          A lot of people tend to think that eggs contain more cholesterol compared to red meat. This might lead you to think that feeding eggs to your parrot might prove to be the culprit behind their weight gain.

          You do not have to worry because according to the research of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), eggs do not have high cholesterol content. Eggs actually have at least 14% lower cholesterol than other protein-rich foods.

          At the same time, eggs are packed with Vitamin D, which is 84% more compared to other dairy products. This is especially beneficial to parrots that are not allowed to be outside as they can get their proper dose of Vitamin D.

          Final Thoughts

          It is highly beneficial for your parrot to eat eggs because of the many nutrients that can help them with their development and brain functions. But keep in mind that there are certain parameters that we have discussed so your parrot can reap all the benefits without causing any harm to them.

          Related Questions

          Are eggshells dangerous for parrots? Eggshells are only dangerous if your parrot chokes on it. Other than that, feeding your parrot too many eggshells do not really have any disadvantages. In fact, your parrot will be enriched with calcium.

          What should I do when my parrot vomits after eating an egg? First, you need to take away any food that your parrot has access to and just give it water. Next is to observe if your parrot is lethargic. Usually, parrots carry on normally after vomiting, but if it is lethargic, consult your veterinarian immediately.

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