Are Mini Macaws Good Pets? Yes, But They Are Not Easy!

Are mini macaws good pets?Research some mini-macaws for any amount of time and you will begin to wonder if they make good pets or not, and we can attest that the answer to that question is, yes, provided you have some experience in keeping these lovely birds.

Are mini macaws good pets? Mini macaws are great pets because they have delightful personalities and supreme intelligence. Their smaller size makes them a little easier and cheaper to care for but they require the same amount of play, socialization, and intellectual stimulation as full-size macaws or any other companion bird.

They bond pretty easily with their owners, need plenty of interaction time, and may even learn to talk and copy some movements. But there is so much more to understand about these delightful birds, so keep reading to see if you have what it takes!

Why They Are Great Pets

Go on YouTube and type in Mini Macaw. You will get so many wonderful and delightful videos of mostly Severe Macaws playing and being absolutely adorable for their owners. They are so aware; they know the camera is on them and they just “ham it up” for their owners.

At first glance, it seems that their beauty and cute nature would make them a great pet. But it goes much, much further than that.

Severe Macaws, for instance, are loving and very endearing with their upbeat personalities.

They are so active that it becomes interesting to simply sit and watch them go about their daily business of chewing on safe wood, toys, and their cuttlebone. (Be sure you have some chewable toys and safe, natural wood for them!)

They love to try out new, healthy table foods such as fruits and veggies. They really do react when you give them, say a sweet carrot or a tart piece of apple.

The taste is delightful to them and you will have a good time figuring out what they like and what they don’t care for.

They just love being around you as their owner and any “brothers or sisters” of the same species that you choose to bring into your home. You will like it when they talk to one another and sing.

The Hahn’s Macaw is another one that is really loved by bird owners around the world. They are smaller than an Illiger Macaw but are super charming and have a tendency to be funny and do things they know will get their owner to look at them.

They are really good at talking for a smaller macaw, and their squeaky voices are instant smile-makers. Even if their speech is not as clear as some other parrots, they just love to talk and chatter away.

We all know that it is personality that makes a person beautiful, and the same goes for Mini Macaws. But they are the total package, beautiful inside and out! The plumage of a Mini Macaw is an absolute sight to behold.

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    Colors of green, yellow, blue, red and orange can be found on the many species of mini macaws. We encourage you to look up some pictures of each of the species in our next section to see for yourself.

    You should absolutely play with your mini macaw and socialize him every day. Even if you do not train them any specific words, they will likely learn phrases and words simply by hearing you and your family talk.

    You can teach them how to dance, for instance, or even buy them a tiny bird basketball hoop set and show them how to use it!

    Another great thing is the practicality aspect of owning a mini macaw. Their size is smaller, so they eat and drink less food and water, which eases the financial burden of owning a mini macaw.

    These Mini Macaws Make the Best Pets

    In this portion, we will explain the different species of mini macaws and why they make great choices for pets.

    The mini macaws we discuss in this portion are all non-aggressive or considered to be dangerous, and they all have really great personalities.

    Illiger’s Macaw

    These birds are so friendly and playful, and they will love to be around you. It is best if you can adopt one that was raised in a loving environment and hand-fed as a chick.

    They will respond better to your touch in this manner. These macaws are smart and bond with their owners very strongly.

    They love to be trained, so use lots of positive words and encouragement, and be sure to offer treats as you work with him!

    All birds need mental stimulation, but these guys REALLY need it, so do not adopt if you are not home enough to provide at least one hour of playtime a day for your pet.

    These guys measure up at about 16 inches long, so be ready to give ample space for your pet.

    The Hahn’s Macaw

    At only 12 inches, these are the smallest macaws you will ever meet. They are smart and relatively easy to take care of and are very popular among bird lovers.

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      With hues of green along their body, lovely blue heads and pretty orange undersides of their wings, these fellows are super easy to fall in love with.

      Yellow-Collar Macaws

      These guys measure up at about 15 inches long, so be ready to give ample space when you welcome one in.

      They are very smart and love to get attention from their owners, so be ready to hear many screams and noises designed to make you come back into the room and interact with your friend.

      Severe Macaws

      Do not let the name frighten you! They are in fact the largest of the mini macaw family, but their personalities win the day.

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        They love to train, and they look so much like a blue-and-gold macaw in the face it is stunning. They are known for being good at speaking.

        They require lots of mental stimulation, so this is perfect for somebody who can really devote plenty of time each day to playing with and helping their macaw learn and grow socially and mentally.

        Mini Macaws Are Very Challenging, But Not as Tough

        Suppose you have been keeping parakeets or other beginner’s bird for a while now, and you feel ready to go to the next level of bird keeping.

        A full-size macaw may not be ideal for you because that is a bird that requires a lot of space, physical care objects and toys, and of course lots of care. It is also very expensive to adopt a macaw.

        Mini-Macaws, on the other hand, are just like full-size macaws but are much more practical to own in terms of physical space and playtime.

        You can have all the joy and wonder that you get with a large macaw inside a smaller package that is a bit easier to care for. They also tend to be less expensive than their full-size counterparts.

        For instance, full-size macaws need a larger cage and plenty more food to eat than their mini counterparts.

        Plus, mini macaws are advantageous in that they are also easier to train in comparison to a full-size macaw. If you reside in an apartment or other close-living quarters, you will do well having a mini macaw as they do not get as noisy as a full-size one does.

        If you are trying to decide between mini macaws and a full size macaw, we recommend reading our articles on big macaws here:

        Indeed, these smaller macaws will give you a great challenge and plenty of delight as you watch them grow, without the expert challenge that comes with a large macaw.

        Important: Mini Macaws Are Not Easy

        are mini macaws easy to care for?This article has focused mainly on the wonderful parts of owning a mini macaw, and it really is thrilling.

        But it’s important to remember that mini macaws are NOT easy or simple to care for. They can and will present to you all the same challenges as any other exotic pet bird.

        For starters, you may think you have it easier because you don’t need as much space. This may be true, but you still have to “parrot-proof” your home as you would with any other parrot.

        For instance, household chemicals may not be used around birds. You will still have to transport your mini-macaw out of the room while you clean and also be sure the cleaning fumes have left the room before you bring him back in. Are you able to safely keep him in another room while you clean?

        Furthermore, non-stick coatings on your pots and pans are toxic and many bird owners choose to discard these. Should they overheat, they emit a toxic fume that kills birds in minutes. Are you willing to give away or discard these?

        Much like children accidentally stick metal into outlets, birds have a tendency to explore things with their beaks. Uncovered outlets may result in burns that are painful and even deadly to birds.

        Also, electrical cords must be concealed and some bird owners even but them in PVC piping.

        Much like you would with a child, it is advised you put plastic inserts into unused electrical outlets to prevent accidents. Can you safely put electrical cords in their place so your bird can play freely?

        Also remember that mini macaws are the same as large macaws, only smaller. So, they will absolutely use their small but powerful beaks to destroy objects they find suitable.

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          For instance, one user on the Avian Avenue forums by the name of Saemma writing about her Severe Macaw, Mabel, noted that she “has destroyed many expensive and inexpensive things.”

          Other posters in the thread note the power their mini macaws have as far as their beaks are concerned.

          Their beaks are powerful tools, and sometimes owners are the recipients of cuts, bites, and even holes in their shirts, blankets, or other fabric objects in their home.

          And even though these minis are small, their calls can still be heard when they want them to be. Sure, they are quieter than full-size macaws, but their volume is a force to be reckoned with.

          The entire topic can be read here, and is worth it as you decide.

          Related Questions

          Are Hahns’ Macaws Good Pets?

          Yes. It is easier to train than large macaws. They are more manageable as house pets than other, larger macaws like blue and gold or scarlets. They are active, playful, and many of them talk. They make great pets.

          Do macaws make good pets?

          Yes, but only for experienced birdkeepers. They can say words and mimic speech, but it is not as clear as some other pet birds. Macaws are also VERY noisy, and if you are not ready for lots of noise, a macaw is not ideal for your home. Macaws are very intelligent and can be trained. Mini Macaws are not as loud as full-size macaws.

          What Do Mini Macaws Eat?

          Minis eat a variety of fruits, seeds, nuts, berries, and leafy buds when in the wild. You will mostly feed them some nutritional pellets along with safe fruits and veggies, plus some avian treats. Your vet can tell you what is best for your particular bird.

          Can Macaws Eat Broccoli?

          Fresh veggies are important to a parrot’s diet. Many enjoy broccoli, matchstick carrots or broccoli slaw, which you can find in your local grocery store. Other veggies that birds really love are sweet potatoes, (cooked) and squash, as well as green beans and corn.


          Mini Macaws make a rewarding and wonderful pet to own and you will be amazed every day at their intelligence, big personalities, and joyful sounds that they make on occasion.

          Think carefully and critically about your ability to handle this pet before you adopt-and good luck!

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