The 5 Best Perches For Budgies – The Ultimate Guide

best perches for budgiesChoosing the best perch for your budgie can be a hard task, as there are a huge number of options available, but we have gathered up the most up to date and pertinent information that you need to know to make the best choice for your budgie’s good health.

In this article, we are going to take you through a few perches made of various materials. This means not only examining the construction of the perch, but also how well it holds up for your active budgie, who needs perches that are of top quality so they can stay active, play and mimic hiding from predators in the wild.

Picking the right perch: What makes a good one?

When you are starting out looking for the right perch for your beloved budgie, it is critical that you examine what makes a perch a good choice. To fully understand this, there are a few features that you should look for, and ones you should avoid.

This is critical not only for budgies, but for other pet birds due to their need to play, stay engaged, and imitate behaviors that they would do if they were living in the wild.

A strong, well-built perch will not only make your budgie happy, but promote healthy behaviors that amplify their quality of life.

Good Variety

It is very important that you have a few different types of perches available for your bird to use while he is in his home.

Think about this: Your bird is not like a cat or dog, rabbit or guinea pig. He never takes a seat or sits down. He is always on his feet! How would your feet feel if you never had a change of surface, or change of shoes?

Providing your budgie, a variety of textures, surfaces and diameters on which to stand is very important to your budgie, especially for his good health and well-being. In the wild, birds perch all over the place: power lines, tree branches, and clotheslines. They walk on roofs and lawns.

This helps them get and stay strong in the legs and feet. Our pets do not have the same opportunities in their homes to perch on such a variety of surfaces.

By incorporating a wide variety of perches, you can prevent the following things from occurring

  • Cage stress
  • Boredom
  • Feather picking
  • Weakening of the leg and feet muscles

Now we will take a look at different perch materials you can pick up for your budgie.which perches are good for budgies

Rope Perches

These perches are soft, pliable, and are easy to shape so your budgie has a fun place to walk.

You can make them into fun shapes that are entertaining for your bird to walk on, such as twisting them and making them into squiggly lines or spirals. Some bird owners even bend them into the shape of an S.

The softness of these perches is great; it is like how us humans feel when we walk on soft grass or a nice carpet.

If a bird is forced to perch on a hard surface at all times, he can develop an irritation on the undersides of his feet. Therefore, having a soft place for your budgie to walk and play is helpful in many ways.

Keep this in mind as you shop

  • The size of the rope and thickness
  • The stiffness of the rope-some are softer than others
  • Perches made of rope do get softer over time
  • Should a perch wear out, undo one end of the rope and twist it in the direction of the braid.
  • Tie it off and that will help tighten it back up for your bird.

Cholla and other natural hardwood perches

These perches are great for mimicking a tropical bird’s natural environment. This gives your pet bird, who is domesticated, the chance to live life as he would if he was out in the wild.

It is very important that you choose perches of varying shapes, sizes and diameter. Good cholla perches are real, natural wood, so they are automatically varying when it comes to their natural properties.

These are great for helping your bird build good, strong feet and leg muscles. You might even seek out multi-branch perches so your budgie and his friends can have multiple places to stand and socialize. This goes for other types of wood too.

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    Some popular wood perches that budgies really love to use include

    • Grapevine wood
    • Cholla cactus
    • Douglas fir
    • Java wood

    Cement/Nail Care Perches

    These perches are good for humans as well as for your budgie.

    They keep the nails of your budgie trimmed up, so you don’t have to have the vet do it as often, or risk making your budgie stressed out or afraid when you do it yourself. Taking care to keep your budgie’s nails neat and trim is important for his good health.

    After all, long nails can snag on toys and other objects, and your bird can end up getting hurt when trying to unstick themselves. Perches made of cement also provide your budgie the feeling birds in the wild get when they walk on roads and sidewalks as well as the sides of buildings.

    Some great benefits include

    • Temperature of perch is comfortable and constant
    • Can be bought in varying sizes to promote good leg and feet health
    • Non-slip surface for budgies’ safety
    • Cannot be destroyed by a budgie
    • Relatively easy to clean for hoomans

    Edible Perches

    how many perches do budgies need?Who doesn’t enjoy a snack? Your budgie loves the ability to forage around for food, as that is what they do in the wild your budgie can safely chew and eat this perch.

    Often, these perches are made of calcium, so beak health is encouraged. It keeps him busy; too-he can nibble at it at his leisure. Some even include bee pollen for added fun and nutrients.

    The benefits of having an edible bird perch made with pollen and calcium include

    • Pollen contains all the right stuff to help a bird stay up on his nutrients
    • Vitamins and minerals are easily taken in by the budgie
    • Fun fruit flavors are often included, which budgies love
    • You can install them vertically or horizontally to keep it interesting

    What kind of perches should be avoided

    So, we have taken a look at some great perches you can pick up for your budgie. But the question remains-are there any perches that you should stay far away from?

    The answer is yes, and while many perches sold online or in your local pet store are fine, there are a few things to steer clear of when installing some perches in your bird’s home.

    Certain Coverings

    If you find a perch for sale that is covered in plastic, or even paper, be sure to put it back. These covers are too hard on budgie feet. Budgies do not form skin that is hard, and do not need a rough place to rub their feet.

    Some people might argue to get a perch like this for beak health. Budgies do this on their cuttlebone, so no perch of the previously mentioned materials are needed.

    Plastic perches are liable to

    A Note on Rope Perches

    Colored rope perches are a lovely addition to your cage, and they feel good on your budgie’s feet. However, these colored perches may contain some unsavory additives that you will want to avoid when you install them for your bird.

    Watch out for the following qualities of rope perches

    • Cheap construction that breaks or comes apart
    • Packaging that does not indicate “non-toxic” materials
    • Cheap toys that come apart easily attached to the rope

    Installing a perch for your budgie and his friends

    Making sure your budgie has his perch installed in a way that can withstand his needs for play, rest, and just hanging around is important.

    Perches of varying diameters should be installed not only to promote good bird health but because it gives them variety. The claws of your budgie should NEVER touch when you put one in.

    The reason is that your budgie can lacerate himself with his claws, and this result in cuts and possibly infections. Therefore, larger diameter perches are preferable.

    You can also install a flexible perch with a nut and a screw. These are advantageous because they are held in place by the nut and the screw. You do not need to try and hold it up using wires or other tools.

    Perches are not required to span the length of your cage. You can hang up ladders, and swings to entertain your bird. A cuttlebone can be a perch, too. Your budgies will find their favorite little places to hang out as they acclimate to their home.

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      Great perches to consider

      Featured Product: Natural Wood Bird Perch

      Colorful Bird Perch Stand Platform Natural Wood Playground Paw Grinding Clean for Pet Parrot Budgies Parakeet Cockatiels Conure Lovebirds Hamster Gerbil Rat Mouse Cage Accessories Exercise ToysThis provides a nice place for your bird to simply relax. It is flat, so it is perfect for sitting down and resting. Pure wood and food-grade colors make this perch great for play. Natural quartz sand covers the top, making for a natural surface for your bird.

      Its surface reminds you of the nail files humans use on their own hands and helps keep your bird’s claws trim.

      The perch also comes with a handy nut and bolt, so installation will be simple. You can put it anywhere in the cage your bird desires. It holds securely and firmly for busy and playful budgies.

      The fasteners, report users, are good and sturdy and they do not worry about their birds falling down while they sit on the platform.

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        This particular perch is rather small, so it is good for budgies and parakeets alike. The platform is sturdy but also chewable to give your bird something to do and keep busy.


        • Easy to clean off if your bird relieves himself on the platform, does not swell
        • Sand exterior keeps the nails trimmed down
        • Great place to sit for injured or healing budgies


        • Is rather small-may be good for about two budgies max
        • You will need to buy multiples for those with many budgies

        You can get the Natural Wood Bird Perch here.

        Featured Product: JW Comfy Perch for Birds

        JW Comfy Perch for BirdsHere is a competitively priced perch for all kinds of birds that comes in three different sizes, depending on how big your bird is.

        You can enjoy this rope in a variety of different lengths, and it is easy to twist around into fun shapes to keep your pet entertained and mentally stimulated all day long. The bright colors draw birds in, encouraging them to play and exercise as long as they like.

        The rope feels good on birds’ feet, the rope is a soft place for the bird to sit after playtime with cage mates. The medium works best for cockatoos and African Greys, but the small will be perfect for your budgie friends.

        No matter what size you end up purchasing, your budgie will surely have fun with it. Plenty of favorable reviews have been left for this particular product.

        There are helpful plastic attachments that help you attach this easily to the side of the cage. You can set it up horizontally or diagonally to keep your budgie playing and guessing, improving their strength as they play.


        • Helps cushion the feet of your budgies for a comfy experience
        • Promotes great exercise for climbing and mental stimulation
        • Sturdy and strong construction for even the most playful budgies
        • Easy to wash off and dry.


        • No wires inside, makes shaping a bit difficult
        • Some ropes may unravel easily

        You can get the JW Comfy Perch here!

        Featured Product: Bwogue Apple Wood Perch

        BWOGUE Bird Perch,Nature Wood Stand Toy Branch for Parrots Cages ToyThis is a high-quality apple wood branch, and the smell is wonderful for both humans and birds alike. The sweet smell of apples radiates from this particular branch.

        The branch is natural and imperfect, just as they are in nature, which is as close to the outside that your bird can safely get! The uneven surface will challenge his legs and get him stronger as he plays up and down on the branch.

        It even comes with some hardware, so it is easy to hang up in the cage. It is perfect for those of us with multiple budgies, as there is enough room for a few at a time to rest and sit on the branch.

        And, since it is natural, it is safe for birds to chew. It certainly keeps them busy and stimulated during the day.

        There are some different options when it comes to this branch, you can purchase it with some bells or toys on the branch that come pre-attached for even more fun. One branch, for instance, includes bells, which are loved by budgies and other pet birds worldwide.


        • Completely natural branch, safe for bird chewing
        • Good and sturdy in its construction for active play
        • Some can be purchased with toys attached for more fun


        • Some users reported that their birds were afraid at first, but soon warmed up to the branch
        • Some users reported the branches were thin in diameter

        You can get the Bwogue Apple Wood Perch here!

        Featured Product: Polly’s USA Banana Split Cuttlebone Perch

        Pollys Usa Banana Split Cuttlebone & Calcium PerchA cuttlebone can be a place for a budgie to perch, and these are just perfect and will last your budgies a good, long time. These competitively priced cuttlebones come in three stellar flavors: tropical pineapple, banana split, or Florida orange.

        They are derived from all-natural cuttlefish and are loaded with helpful minerals and of course calcium to keep your budgie’s beak in great shape. Plus, it is a special treat that you don’t have to worry about giving your bird too much of!

        The package of these cuttlebones includes a cage holder, so it is simple to put these on the cage and let your bird go to town on it. The surface is rough and edible, so it helps trim down their beaks in a safe and effective way. They can chew on it, too.

        Perhaps the greatest aspect of this cool cuttlebone perch is the fact that it mounts easily inside the cage. The surface varies with each cuttlebone, so your bird is guaranteed a new experience that will keep the legs and beak strong.

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          • Does not flake or dust when birds pick and chew at it
          • Comes in three exciting flavors that are a treat, but healthy
          • Adds variety, color and mental stimulation to your bird’s home


          • May need to be tightened every few days if many budgies sit on it
          • Some birds may not care for the perch, as a few users reported.

          You can get Polly’s USA Banana Split Cuttlebone Perch here!

          Featured Product: OnePlus Bird Ladder

          OnePlus Bird Ladder Parrot Toys Cage Accessories for Cockatiel Conure Parakeet Small MacawThis fun ladder will have your beloved budgie going up and down the stairs all day long, enjoying the vibrant colors with every step. They will enjoy swinging around or simply taking a rest when they feel tired. The material is wood, which is safe, natural and good for birds.

          It is great for pets that are small to medium size. The color is safe and does not fade in water. So, if an accident happens and you need to clean the ladder, you need not worry about the colors coming off and harming your budgie.

          The colors really do a great job of attracting and stimulating budgies and other pet birds, too. It is extremely durable – one user with an African Grey reported that he had not destroyed it like some of the other toys.

          So, your budgies can all look forward to a durable and long-lasting toy.


          • Natural, safe for birds to chew
          • Can also be hung as a bridge for budgies to cross and perch upon
          • Colors are vibrant and will attract and keep birds busy
          • Includes easy to attach steel hooks that go right on the side of the cage


          • One user reported that their cockatiels had chewed through the wires in a day
          • One user reported having a hard time keeping it attached to one side of the cage

          You can get the OnePlus Bird Ladder here!

          How many perches are needed

          The number of perches you need is dependent on how many birds you have in your cage as well as how big your cage is.

          Having too few perches will make your budgie feel stressed out and bored. Too many perches mean that there is no room to stretch the wings. So, it is important to examine your cage closely to see what is best.

          Have enough to entertain the birds. Budgies like to climb around and explore, so putting perches at differing heights that let birds fly and hop around from one place to the other encourages play and exploration.

          It is best to have at minimum two perches at different heights so budgies can hop, explore, and get some exercise.

          Have enough to get good exercise. Having many perches means that your caged birds can fly, jump to and from, and just move around.

          It is best to mount these perches at the opposite ends of your cage, so he gets some steps in when the goes from one to the other. And, be sure you vary the size-it helps them stretch out their feet.

          Be sure you have one for sleep. Your budgie may like to sleep up high, as many do. You might put a swing up there, or a stationary shelf perch or anything else your budgie responds well to. Be sure to put one up high for his own use-and he will decide which spot is most comfortable for sleeping.


          With the sheer number of perches available, and the huge numbers of materials, lengths, diameters and more that are suitable for your budgie, the best approach you can take is one that is educated.

          Stay on the up and up about perches and remain knowledgeable about what you put inside the cage.

          Doing so will ensure that your budgie lives a long, happy and active life.

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