Blue-winged Parakeet


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    The Blue-winged Grass Parakeet or Blue-winged Parrot (Neophema chrysostoma) is also known as the Blue-banded Parakeet or Blue-banded Grass-parakeet. This migratory species is native to Tasmania, where they breed in spring and summer, and southeast Australia, where many of them winter. The flock size ranges from pairs in breeding season to up to 2,000 birds just before autumn migration.

    Their favored habitat includes savannah woodland, grasslands, orchards, farmlands, marshes, heath, dunes, and other open habitats up to 1200m.

    Diet / Feeding:

    They often feed on the ground, eating seeds, blossoms, fruit and insects.


    This small parrot averages 20 – 22 cm or ~8.8 inches in length (from beak to tip of tail). The plumage is mainly olive green with a blue frontal band reaching from forehead to eye, blue wing coverts, black primaries (longest wing feathers), and a yellow belly. The top of its tail is bluish-grey, the sides and undertail are yellow.

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      The plumage of the females and young birds is duller, and there is more green on the wings.


      They do well in planted aviaries and will accept any parakeet-sized nesting boxes. They usually breed twice a year (spring and autumn). An average clutch consists of 4 to 6 eggs. They may produce two, and under optimal conditions, even 3 clutches a year. Pease refer to this website for additional information on care and housing.

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        Genus: Scientific: Neophema … English: Elegant Parrots … Dutch: Elegante Parkieten … German: Grassittiche … French: Perruche neophema

        Species: Scientific: Neophema chrysostoma … English: Blue-winged Parrot, Blue-winged Grass Parakeet … Dutch: Blauwvleugelparkiet … German: Feinsittich, Blauflügeliger Schönsittich … French: Perruche aux ailes bleus

        CITES II – Endangered Species

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