Guaiabero Parrot - image by Luis V. Limchiu

The bird genus Bolbopsittacus – includes a group of parrots that are more commonly known as Guaiabero Parrots.

They occur naturally on the island of Luzon in the Philippines.


Sub-Species / Races Including Nominate:



Class: Aves … Order: Psittaciformes … Family: Psittacidae … Subfamily: Psittacinae

Genus: Scientific: Bolbopsittacus … English: Guaiabero Parrots … Dutch: Guaiabero Papegaaien … German: Stummelschwanzpapageien … French: Guaiabero perroquets … CITES II: Endangered Species

Species: Scientific: Bolbopsittacus lunulatus lunulatus … English: Guaiabero … Dutch: Guaiabero … German: Stummelschwanzpapagei … French: Petit perruche à collier d’isle Lu‡on … CITES II – Endangered Species


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