Broken Legs / Setting Broken Toes

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Setting a Broken Leg:

Unfortunately it happens that a baby (or adult bird) suffers from a broken leg … The following advice was given to a listmember by a vet: “Cut two pieces of ‘cloth’ adhesive tape, align the bones as well as possible and place one piece of tape on one side and the other piece opposite.

Squeeze the tapes together down each side of the tape with forceps, as close to the bone as possible, and then cut the tape close to leg, maybe 1/16″. After this, run a bead of ‘super glue’ down both seams and let dry.

The super glue holds the edges together and also strengthens the tape.

A perfect little cast.” This excellent advice was given by Carole Hubbard (THANKS CAROLE!)

Resetting Broken Toes (Small Birds):

Breeders have successfully used super glue (i.e., Rich’s Super Glue) to “weld” the broken toe to the neighboring toe. Eventually the toes become unglued on their own and the broken toe is perfect. Some concerns with respect to “super glue” toxicity have been raised

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