Bird Diseases and Common Health Problems

Here is the list of Bird Species and Diseases and their Symptoms and Potential Causes. They are most susceptible to their Avian Pain Assessment & Management.

Symptoms and Potential CausesBird Species and Diseases They are Most Susceptible toAvian Pain Assessment & Management

Index of Avian Diseases

Bird Diseases / Alphabetic Listing

Bird Diseases

Air Sack MitesAir Sack Rupture …. Anatomy (Avian) … Angel WingArthritisAspergillosis

Avian Flu (Green and Healthy Website)

Avian Goiter (Thyroid Hyperplasia or Dysplasia) … Avian Encephalomyelitis (AE)Avian Gout

Avian influenza: Eradication from commercial poultry … Avian Influenza (Green and Healthy Website)

Avian PoxAvian Tuberculosis (Mycobacterium avium)

Bacterial InfectionsBaldnessBeak and Feather DiseaseBeak Problems / Deformities

Bird Fancier’s / Breeders Lungs (Allergic Alvolitis) (Green and Healthy Website)

Bird Flu (Green and Healthy Website)

Bird MitesBiting Bugs / MitesBleeding

Blepharitis (Green and Healthy Website)

BlindnessBlocked Gizzard … … Borrowing Mites

Metabolic Bone Disease:

Occurs as two forms:

rickets which is found in growing birds – caused by an inadequate dietary intake of calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D3 or improper calcium to phosphorous ratio.

osteomalacia (osteodystrophy) occurs in mature birds.

BotulismBreeding-related ProblemsBroken BeaksBroken Blood Feathers / Bleeding from FeathersBroken Legs / ToesBronchitisBumble FootBurns (Green & Healthy Website)

Canary Pox VirusCandida / CandidiasisCancerCanker (Trichomoniasis, more commonly known as “pigeon canker) … CataractsChanges in Voice

Chick DeformitiesChlamydia / ChlamydiosisChronic Egg LayingCrooked Beaks Cryptosporidium / CoccidiaCoccidiosisConjunctivitisConstricted Toe SyndromeConure Bleeding Syndrome (CBS) … Crooked ToesCrop Mycosis, Thrush

Depluming ScabiesDiabetes

E-coli InfectionEgg BindingEgg Laying (Chronic) … Egg Yolk Peritonitis / Egg PeritonitisEmphysemaEye Problems

Fatty TumorsFeather Cysts / Feather LumpsFeather DisordersFeather LiceFeather Plucking / ChewingFibromasAvian Foot Chewing, Stomping, and Mutilation: The elusive cause: Avian Herpes Virus! 

Fowl CholeraFrench MoltFrost BitesFungal InfectionsToe Curling

GiardiaGizzard (Blocked)Gout

Heavy Metal PoisoningHemochromatosis

Hypothyroidism (Green & Healthy Website)

Infectious BronchitisInfectious Sinusitis

Influenza (Green & Healthy Website)

Injured / Cracked / Broken BeaksIron Storage Disease aka Iron Overload Disease (IOD)

Joint Diseases

Kidney Disease / ProblemsKnemidokoptes pilae

Lameness: Limping / Foot & Leg Problems – including paralysis and leg weakness … LaryngotracheitisLead PoisoningLimpingLipomas (Tumors) … Liver DiseaseLoss of Voice

Macaw Wasting DiseaseMarek’s DiseaseMegabacteria / MegabacteriosisMetal PoisoningMites & LiceMoniliasis (Crop Mycosis, Thrush) … MutilationMyialges NudusMycobacterim

Neuropathic Gastric DilatationNewcastles DiseaseNutritional Disorders


Paralysis / Weak LegsPapillomaParrot Beak (Deformed) … Parrot FeverPBFDPsittacosis / Chlamydiosis / OrnithosisPDDPolyuriaPoisoningPolyomaPox VirusProlapsed CloacaPsittacine Beak & Feather Disease.

RegurgitationRenal Failure Respiratory Distress / DiseasesRunny Droppings

Salmonella / SalmonellosisSarcocystosisScaly Face MitesScaly Legs / Feet DiseaseScissors BeakSeizuresSelf / Skin-MutilationSkin & Feather DisordersSlipped WingSplay Leg

Staph Infection / Staphylococcus (Green & Healthy Website)


Tassle FootTeflon PoisoningToes – CrookedTuberculosisTumors (Cancer) … Tumors (Fatty) … Toxicities / Poisoning / Ingestion

Visceral GoutVoice (Loss or or Changes in) … Vomiting

Watery DroppingsWeight Gain / Weight Loss

West Nile Virus (Green & Healthy Website)

Wing Problem / Angel Wing

Yeast Infections

Xanthomas (Fatty Tumors)

Zinc PoisoningZoonotic (Animal / Human) Diseases

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