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Excessive volume of urination means that you release abnormally large amounts of urine each day. The medical term for this condition is polyuria



An excessive volume of urination, watery feces.



It is not a disease, but may be a symptom of disease. But it can also be caused by a change in the diet, such as eating more fruit than usual or by the bird being frightened or upset.


Common Causes

  • Too much fluid intake
  • Too much salt or glucose (if diabetic)
  • Drug use
  • Renal failure
  • Radiographic tests that use a contrast media
    • Urine volume will increase for up to 24 hours following the dose


Home Care

Intake and output of fluids should be monitored. Record daily weights at the same time(s) and on the same scales. A vet may need to be consulted.

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