Budgie Making Squeaking Noises – What To Do?


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    Is your budgie making squeaking noises? If this is a new behavior, it is important to investigate, as the cause of budgies squeaking is sometimes a serious health problem.

    Thankfully, there are also situations where your budgie may be just fine. But before you can be sure, you need to take the time to rule out possible medical concerns.

    Read on to discover common health problems that may cause budgies to squeak, as well as some innocuous behavioral reasons budgies produce this noise.

    Budgies As Pets

    Health Issues that Can Cause Budgie Squeaking Noises

    If your pet budgie is squeaking, you should always take notice. Many health problems that cause this noise qualify as emergencies. Let’s go over some of the potential issues now, along with their basic signs and symptoms.

    Tracheal Disease

    If your budgie is making a squeaking noise when breathing, it could be a sign of tracheal disease. Clicking, coughing, wheezing, and labored breathing are more possible signs. Some budgies might also lose their voices and bob their tails.

    If you believe your budgie might be suffering from tracheal disease, it is vital to get your bird to the vet for treatment right away.

    Mites and Worms

    Parasites such as Sternostoma tracheacolum mites (air sac mites) and Syngamus trachea worms can cause budgies to squeak. 

    A bird infected by parasites may display additional signs and symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and excessive saliva. 

    Budgies with worms might open their mouths wide and shake their heads in an attempt to get rid of them. They may also cough and appear emaciated and weak.

    Budgies As Pets

    Speak with your vet for treatment options and prevention tips.

    The University of Minnesota recommends that you vacuum your home to remove mites and that you take the added step of throwing the vacuum bag away outdoors.

    That way, the mites will not simply escape from the bag to re-infest your home.


    Squeaking can sometimes be a sign of goiter, as this condition can obstruct the trachea. 

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    Why Does My Bird Bite and What To Do About It

      According to the University of Florida, a bird with a goiter might also lose its voice or show symptoms like vomiting, difficulty swallowing, weight loss, or convulsions. 

      As goiters can be deadly, you should see a vet promptly.

      Foreign Object

      Sometimes a budgie that is squeaking or clicking tries to eat something it shouldn’t have.

      Since a trapped foreign object can kill a budgie, you should make a vet trip without delay. Currumbin Valley Vet offers tips for preventing your bird from ingesting foreign objects in the future. 


      A variety of bacterial or fungal infections could be the cause of your budgie squeaking. 

      One example is psittacosis, which may lead to difficulties breathing as well as symptoms like reduced appetite, diarrhea, and inflamed eyes. 

      Your vet can help you narrow down potential causes and treat your bird before the infection gets worse.  

      Budgies As Pets

      Nutritional Deficiencies

      If your budgie is not getting sufficient nutrition, health complications could develop that lead to squeaking. 

      Your bird needs plenty of vitamin A to support the respiratory system, for instance. Without that vitamin A, the respiratory tract may be more vulnerable to infection. 

      Another example is iodine. Insufficient iodine can lead to goiter.

      Normal Behavioral Reasons for Budgies Squeaking

      Now you know some health reasons that can account for budgies squeaking. If you can rule out medical problems, what are some other reasons budgies might squeak?   


      Female budgies are reported to sometimes squeak at males. The female may be hoping the male will feed her, or she could be looking to get frisky.

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      Why Does My Bird Bite and What To Do About It

        You will notice this type of squeaking is deliberate and directed, not random. It will also not be on every breath (as it often is with a respiratory ailment).

        Feeding Babies

        Some budgie owners say that their females may sometimes squeak while they are feeding their chicks. 

        This behavior, like the mating behavior described above, may be perfectly normal and have no cause for alarm.

        Budgies As Pets

        Why Is My Male Budgie Squeaking?

        We have seen fewer reports of male budgies squeaking socially as females sometimes do, but it does not seem to be entirely unheard of. 

        If you notice the squeaks from your male budgie are directed at a female, it could be a mating ritual.

        Your Budgie Might Just Be Happy

        Finally, some budgies seem to squeak simply because it is a part of their personality. 

        Every parakeet is a unique individual, and there are budgies that produce this vocalization as a sign of happiness. 

        If there are no signs of a health problem and no social reasons for the squeaking, that might be what is going on.

        Again, keep in mind that happy budgie noises are not going to happen with every breath. If the squeak is continuous, it is a health problem for sure.

        Budgie Constantly Squeaking? When in Doubt, Go to the Vet

        You have probably noticed a running theme in this post, which is that if your budgie is squeaking, it requires prompt medical attention. 

        The reason we keep emphasizing this is that it is absolutely critical. Your decisions as a pet owner can make the difference between life and death.

        Even though your budgie might be fine, squeaking or loss of voice is often serious clinical signs. 

        As a foreign body or other health issues can kill a sick bird very fast, you should treat it as an emergency and not delay seeking treatment.

        Stop Bird Biting!

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        Why Does My Bird Bite and What To Do About It

          Budgies As Pets

          You should be particularly concerned if you spot any of these signs of sickness. But even if squeaking is the only symptom, your bird still needs to go to the vet.

          One more word of advice is to seek out an avian veterinarian specifically. 

          Not just any licensed veterinarian has the advanced bird knowledge you need to make sure that your beloved budgies receive an accurate diagnosis and the best possible care. 

          So, try to find a specialist. But do not put off an appointment; if a general vet is all you can find, make an appointment right away.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          What does it mean when my budgie squeaks?

          If your budgie squeaks, it could be a respiratory disease, another health problem, or simply a harmless behavioral trait. But when you hear this noise from budgies, it calls for veterinary attention, whether or not you see other signs of stress in your pet.

          Why is my budgie squeaking when flying?

          Budgies that squeak while flying may be suffering from any of the health issues we discussed in this post. But sometimes, it could also just be a noise from the wings, especially if the bird is molting at the time.

          Why is my budgie squeaking when eating?

          We have not found a lot of budgie owners reporting this particular problem, but in at least one case, it turned out the bird had a vitamin B deficiency. Squeaking when eating could very well be a health issue and calls for an investigation by your vet.

          Why is my budgie squeaking when sleeping?

          Healthy budgies may sometimes talk in their sleep by squeaking or making other noises. But sick budgies can squeak in their sleep if they have a respiratory issue as well. So, it is best to err on the side of caution and consult with your vet.

          Wrap Up 

          Bird sounds like squeaking can give you important insights into parakeet health. Squeaks are sometimes just happy budgie noises or part of a mating ritual. 

          But in many cases, they are an urgent warning that your pet birds need treatment by a vet. So, do not wait. 

          Take your squeaking budgies to a qualified professional for immediate evaluation.

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