Can Budgies Eat Watermelon? What You Should Know

Can budgies eat watermelon?As the weather gets warmer, all the delicious fruits start to be in season, and they are a nutritious way to cool off during the hot summer months. You know you love to eat fruits- especially watermelon- but can your budgie share this treat with you, too?

The great news is that yes, budgies can eat watermelon. Many adore watermelon, in fact. Since watermelon is mostly made up of water, it’s a good treat that allows your budgie to cool down and stay hydrated. However, it is important not to give your budgie the seeds or the rind.

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    Now that you know about how watermelons are an excellent treat for budgies, let’s get into how to feed your budgies watermelons and what some other delicious treats are that budgies can eat.

    Budgies Love Watermelon

    As we have established, many budgies absolutely love to eat watermelon. You will even see plenty of videos online when you do a Google search of budgies eating watermelon slices.

    Especially if it’s the summertime where you live, you will find that watermelon is a tasty treat that will keep your budgie cool, just like it does for you.

    Watermelons are also excellent for budgies in the sense that they are mostly made up of water. As we have mentioned in the past, budgies need to stay hydrated throughout the day and they need to constantly have fresh water.

    We know that watermelons mostly contain water, plus some other nutrients, so you can be sure that your budgie will remain hydrated when it eats watermelon.

    Besides that, watermelons are sweet and delicious, so your budgie will enjoy them as a nice treat on a hot summer day. So the next time you cut up a big watermelon for you and your family, make sure that you save a small slice for your feathered friend, too.

    It can even be used as a nice treat for when you want to reward your budgie for something. Also, if you want to know what other treats can be given to your budgie, read our article on that here: 12 awesome treats for budgies!

    Now that we have determined that watermelons are safe for your budgie to eat, let’s discuss the best way for you to feed them to your budgie.

    How to Feed Your Budgie Watermelon

    It’s important to remember before feeding your budgie anything that budgies are small animals, and they cannot handle eating large slices of food.

    Plus, if you compare how much food or how big of slices your budgie needs to eat with that of other animals, you will be surprised by the complete difference. A small cube of watermelon will be enough to make your budgie full and happy.

    When it comes to which parts of the watermelon you should seek to feed your budgie, there are a lot of discrepancies. There isn’t much information regarding whether the whole watermelon is bad for your budgie and whether you should simply feed your feathered friend the red part.

    Some people suggest that you should try to avoid feeding your feathered friend the watermelon’s rind (the green part) and its seeds. They remove the seeds from the watermelon or purchase a seedless watermelon, and they cut it into small cubes to feed their budgie.

    Also, you may notice that your budgie might not be a fan of watermelon, which is completely fine. A lot of people said that their budgies didn’t like watermelon and preferred to avoid it altogether.

    This doesn’t mean that watermelons are dangerous; it simply means that your budgie doesn’t like them. Also, you need to make sure that you clean your budgie’s cage thoroughly after it’s done eating.

    Budgies are known for creating messes while they eat, and you can imagine the mess that will be made when they eat something juicy like a watermelon.

    Since budgies are so messy, we have created three articles which will help you with preventing a mess and cleaning up the mess easily:

    Now that we know all about the benefits of giving your budgie watermelon, including how hydrating it will be, let’s talk about some other great fruits that you can feed your budgie as a special treat or as a way to cool off during the hot summer months.are watermelon seeds safe for budgies?

    Other Good Fruits to Feed Budgies

    You should try to make sure that you give your budgie a variety of fruits throughout the week. This will not only provide the extra nutrition necessary, but your budgie will also not grow bored with eating the same food every day.

    Giving your budgie fruit is also a great way to keep your budgie hydrated during the hot summer months because fruits are mostly made up of water.

    Here are some of the most popular fruits that people like to feed their budgies (and that budgies tend to like to eat):


    Strawberries are a popular fruit. Make sure the remove the green top and cut the strawberry into small pieces if they aren’t small enough already. You don’t need to remove the seeds.

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      Actually, strawberries are not only popular, but they are also very healthy for parrots. We explain why in this article.


      Mangoes are another fruit that many people like to feed their budgies.


      A very tasty summertime treat that many people include in their budgie’s diet is pineapple. Make sure you cut the pineapple into smaller slices to make it easier for your budgie to eat.


      You can feed your budgie melons of any type, including cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, and more. Just avoid giving your budgie the skin.


      Budgies are also huge fans of bananas, and this soft fruit makes for a delicious treat.

      However, when it comes to banana, there is not only the fruit, there also is the peel and other things like banana bread and so on. We had a closer look at that! Read our article on feeding parrots banana properly here!


      Apricots are also a great option to feed your budgie, but make sure that you remove the seed before feeding since budgies cannot eat the seeds of a majority of fruits.


      Blueberries are the perfect treat for your budgie, and small enough to make your budgie happy too.

      Still, you should not feed too many blueberries to your budgie. We explain why in this article!


      Grapes are another common snack that many people often feed their pet budgies.

      However, just as with blueberries, you shouldn’t feed too much of it to your budgie. We explain why grapes can be harmful to your budgie in this article.


      Kiwis are also a delicious snack for budgies. Remove the skin, but you don’t need to remove the seeds.


      Plums are also a nice way to keep your budgie hydrated and happy. Remove the seed, however, since budgies are usually not able to digest fruit seeds as they may be toxic.

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        Including fruits in your budgie’s diet is a great way for your budgie to get some extra nutrition and to add variety to what your budgie eats daily.

        Related Questions

        Can budgies eat oranges?

        Oranges are a good fruit to feed your budgie. Something nice about oranges is that the peel is even safe for your budgie to eat. Make sure that you cut the orange up into small pieces and that you include it as a special treat in your budgie’s diet.

        What fruits are bad for budgies?

        While it is important to include fruit in your budgie’s diet, there are some which are toxic. Avoid feeding budgies fruits such as lemons and limes, which can make their stomachs hurt. The seeds in many fruits, such as cherries, peaches, and apricots are dangerous for budgies as well.

        Can budgies eat apples?

        Budgies most certainly can eat apples, but it is important that you are careful not to include any apple seeds in the slices you give to your budgie. This is because apple seeds contain cyanide, which is extremely poisonous, and that tiny amount can kill your budgie.

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