Can Cockatiels Eat Oranges Or Their Peels?

Not all fruits are safe for cockatiels, so it is good that you are asking this question. In this article, I will share the answer and also explain which parts are safe for your bird.

If you have a pet cockatiel at home, you should always offer them a varied diet with different kinds of fresh fruits and veggies.

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    And if you are a parent to a baby cockatiel that is just starting out with fruits in its diet, you might be considering oranges.

    In this article, I will talk about this citrus fruit and whether it is good for your cockatiels. Read on to find out.

    Can Cockatiels Eat Oranges

    Orange Nutritional Info: Is It Good For Cockatiels?

    Oranges are considered one of the tasty treats you can give your birds. But it also has numerous health benefits.

    They contain vitamins and minerals that help boost immunity and keep up the energy levels in your cockatiels.

    Let me cover it in more detail below.

    Nutritional Info

    100 grams of orange can contain the following nutrients:

    • Calories: 47
    • Water: 87%
    • Carbohydrates: 11.8 grams
    • Vitamins C, B1, and B9
    • Sugar: 9.4 grams
    • Protein: 0.9 grams
    • Fiber: 2.4 grams

    Benefits To Cockatiels

    • Vitamins: Oranges are one of the most important sources of Vitamin C as a citrus fruit. This vitamin helps to boost immunity and keeps your bird free from diseases. Oranges also contain Vitamin B1, which helps convert food into energy.
    • Minerals: Some of the crucial minerals that oranges contain are protein and potassium, which helps in cell-building and regulates blood pressure in the body.
    • Other nutrients: Oranges have a high content of carbohydrates and sugar that is essential for maintaining the energy levels of your bird.

    Oranges are healthy for cockatiels

    How Should Orange Be Given To Cockatiels?

    Cockatiels love different kinds of fruits, and orange is one of their favorite fruits.

    This citrus fruit has a sweet and sour flavor that most birds love, and they can have it in many different ways.

    But what parts of the fruit are safe, and which ones should be avoided? I will cover it below.


    If you are trying to feed your cockatiel oranges with full nutrition, feeding the flesh is the best idea.

    Cut up the orange into tiny pieces or let them nibble on single pieces of oranges slowly.

    Most birds like to hold a slice of orange with their talons and eat it leisurely.


    Some birds enjoy eating the peel of an orange rather than the flesh. This is mostly because the soft peel is easy for them to dig into and enjoy.

    Peels are safe for birds to eat as they also contain nutrients.

    Orange peels are safe for cockatiels, but they may not like its hard texture

    However, peels may not be the safest option for cockatiels as they could cause digestive problems.

    If the peel has been exposed to pesticides, it could transfer to your bird too. So, before offering it, make sure you wash the orange peel properly.


    Unlike apple seeds or avocados, it is safe for your bird to eat orange seeds.

    They do not contain cyanide traces and other toxic compounds that cause any kind of health issues.

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      If you are giving your birds pieces of oranges to eat, it is safe for them to peck at the seeds and eat them.


      If you want to feed your cockatiel oranges but see that they are not enjoying it, you can always offer them the juice.

      Orange juice itself is a good source of citric acid that your birds can have slowly along with water.

      However, note that juice has higher sugar content and does not contain fiber, so it should be offered only in very small amounts.

      Juice should only be offered in limited quantities because of its high sugar content

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        How Much (And How Often) Should You Give Oranges To Your Bird?

        You can offer your bird one or two slices of oranges every alternate day. Overall, oranges should be less than 10% of your bird’s regular diet.

        When you are maintaining a balanced diet for your bird, you have to regulate the quantity of all items you are feeding them.

        So even if there are multiple benefits of oranges, you must keep the number of oranges in your bird’s diet limited. It cannot become their primary diet.

        You should make sure to also offer other food items like fresh vegetables, seed diets, and pellets.

        Are There Any Dangers To Giving Oranges to Cockatiels?

        Overall, oranges are a very healthy snack for your bird. The only problem comes when you are overfeeding them.

        These fruits have a high amount of sugar and carbohydrates, which is not good for the heart health of your birds.

        Another problem with oranges is the use of pesticides and chemicals when they are being grown.

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          So if you are trying to keep your cockatiel healthy, you should try to get organic oranges which will limit the chances of them ingesting any kind of fertilizer.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Are oranges toxic to cockatiels?

          No, oranges are not at all toxic for cockatiels. It is one of the favorite fruits because of its flavor, and you can feed cockatiels any part of the orange as a source of Vitamin C.
          Oranges have antioxidants and fiber that are good for the overall health of your birds.

          Is orange peel good for birds?

          Orange peels are not bad for birds, but it is better to check how the oranges are grown to avoid feeding any unwanted chemicals to your birds.
          Moreover, some birds may not like the hard texture of the peel.
          Many birds also enjoy eating dried orange peels after they are left out in the sun.

          Are oranges safe for birds?

          Yes, oranges are safe for all kinds of birds. These citrus foods are very popular among most birds.
          If you are trying to feed your own bird a dose of vitamin C or refilling the birdfeeder, it can be a good idea to add oranges to the mix.
          Make sure not to offer more than a small slice to your cockatiel, and keep varying the fruits you offer every day.

          Do cockatiels need vitamin C?

          Yes, it is important for cockatiels to have a dose of Vitamin C in their diet.
          This is one of the essential vitamins that help in immunity building and prevents a lot of diseases among birds.
          It helps them with better immunity and is also important for keeping them strong.

          Wrap Up

          If you have been having second thoughts about feeding your cockatiel oranges, you should not worry about it anymore.

          From seeds to peels and juice, it is completely safe for your bird to eat this fruit, which can help keep them active and healthy.

          Thank you for reading!

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