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Cuban Conure


The Cuban or Red-speckled Conure ( Aratinga euops) is endemic to Cuba and, formerly, the Isle of Pines, West Indies.



The plumage is mainly green with dispersed red feathers on the head and the body. The underside of wings and tail is olive-yellow. The breast and belly are yellow-green. The bill is horn-colored and they have white eye-rings, as is typical for conures. Their irises are yellow and the legs brownish.

Both sexes are alike.

Immature birds have fewer red feathers (red increases as it matures) and their irises are brown instead of yellow.



The Cuban Conures are very energetic, robust and inquisitive. In the wild, they are easily noticed because of their loud call, although compared to other conures they are relatively quiet as they only call out for a reason, such as to warn the other birds or if they get excited for some reason. They tend to calm down pretty quickly.

They don’t chew as much as other conures, but fresh branches and plenty of toys should be provided to them. They love bathing and showering, and water for this purpose should be provided to them daily.


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Breeding / Reproduction:

Only experienced breeder should attempt to breed these conures. Cuban Conure are rare in aviculture and difficult to obtain and breed. Finding a compatible mate is challenging. In the wild, they breed in January or February. In captivity, they should be kept separate from other pairs in the mating season as they can get aggressive during this time. The hen lays about three to five eggs at 2 -3 day intervals, which they incubate for 23 days. The chicks wean after about 50 to 60 days.

These conures are fairly easy to breed.


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Genus: Scientific: Aratinga … English: Conures … Dutch: Wigstaartparkieten … German: Keilschwanzsittiche … French: Aratinga

Species: Scientific: Aratinga euops aka Psittacara euops … English: Cuban Conure, Red-speckled Conure … Dutch: Cubaanse Aratinga, Cubaanse Parkiet … German: Kubasittich … French: Perruche de Cuba … CITES II – Endangered

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