The 3 Reasons Why Cockatiels Love Swings

Do cockatiels like swings?A proper cage is more than a house- it’s a home, and no home is complete without furnishings. That means perches, toys, and bells. Another typical cage accessory is a swing. If you are not sure this item a necessary addition to your bird’s home, continue reading. The answer may surprise you.

Do cockatiels like swings? Cockatiels are known for liking swings, but it does not mean that all of them will be eager to start swinging. All birds have unique personalities. The only way to know for sure if your cockatiel will like having a swing is to purchase one and see how your bird responds to its new toy.

Read on to learn more about why cockatiels are known for loving swings, the best swings to buy your bird friend, and much more!

Why do cockatiels like swings?

No one is exactly sure why cockatiels love using a swing. Bird experts assume it is a combination of reasons that draw your bird to its favorite swaying toy.

It’s entertaining.

It is most plausible that your cockatiel loves to swing because it is fun. Think back to your childhood memories at the park swaying back and forth on a swing set. It is an entertaining and exhilarating experience, especially the higher you swing.

Birds are also capable of feeling this same sense of fun on a smaller scale.

It’s instinctual.

In the wild, birds fly into trees and perch atop branches that sway in the wind. It is assumed that cockatiels like swings because it is reminiscent of the motion of a tree branch rocking back and forth in nature.

It’s calming.

A swing can be exciting if it is moving with intensity. It can also be soothing if little force is applied. Gentle swaying helps relax cockatiels. It can also help your bird drift off to sleep, like a baby rocking in a crib.

The benefit of adding a swing to your bird’s cage

A swing is a good choice for adding fun to your cockatiels life, but underneath the entertainment lies a hidden benefit- exercise. The swaying is an excellent way for your cockatiel to work the muscles in its feet and legs.

The movement of the swing also helps your bird keep its chest muscles strong.

The motion of a swing is great for improving your cockatiel’s balance, which is important considering they spend lots of time standing on one leg while at rest.

The best swings to buy your cockatiel

Now that you know the reasons why cockatiels love and benefit from swings, it is time to purchase one. But, a quick internet search will unveil unlimited options for you to buy for your feathered friend.

If you are overwhelmed, do not fret. Listed below are top rated swings your cockatiel will be sure to love.

JW Pet Company Insight Sand Perch Swing Bird Toy

JW Pet Company Insight Sand Perch Swing Bird Toy
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This swing is an excellent option for first-time buyers. It is simply designed so that your bird can quickly adjust to a new addition to the cage. It is also inexpensive, so if your cockatiel does not love swings it poses a minimal cost.

The JW Pet Company swing’s perch is crafted to have varied widths to resemble a branch your bird would use in the wild. This helps to prevent foot fatigue.

Also, the perch is molded with natural sand. It not only feels nice for your cockatiel but helps to naturally file your bird’s nails.

You can learn more about this swing here!

BWOGUE 5 Piece Bird Toys

BWOGUE 5pcs Bird Parrot Toys Hanging Bell Pet Bird Cage Hammock Swing Toy Hanging Toy for Small Parakeets Cockatiels, Conures, Macaws, Parrots, Love Birds, Finches
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If your cockatiel is very active, this is the product to buy. Each purchase contains 5 products. It comes with a traditional swing, that’s brightly colored with beads your cockatiel will love.

It also comes with a swinging platform that is sturdier than a traditional swing and gives your bird a different experience.

Additionally, you get 3 different hanging bell toys.

These toys are sturdy, colorful and made of pet friendly natural wood that’s safe for birds that enjoy chewing on their toys.

If this bundle of swings and toys sounds perfect to you, you can get it here!

Booda 1 Ring Swing-N-Feet Perch

Booda 1 Ring Swing N-Feet Perch for Birds
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If your bird likes simplicity and comfort, this non-traditional swing is an excellent option. This circular swing is colorful, sturdy, and machine washable.

Many customers who own this product say it has become their bird’s favorite place to perch inside the cage.

This swing is made of woven cables of cotton. It is soft and soothing on your cockatiel’s feet. It makes for a perfect spot to take a nap.

You can get this swing here!

What if my cockatiel doesn’t like its swing?

As previously mentioned, not all cockatiels love having a swing in its cage. However, there are steps you can take when introducing a new toy to your bird to help them learn to love it. Listed below are tips on introducing a new swing into your bird’s home.

Make sure your bird is comfortable.

If you recently adopted a cockatiel and are providing it with lots of new toys, you should probably tone it down when it comes to accessories. Birds are easily frightened when in a new environment.

It can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to months for your bird to adjust to its new home. Until then, don’t overwhelm your bird with lots of big toys. Here are a few signs that your Cockatiel might not enjoy the new toy, or that something else is wrong with your bird:

Familiarize your bird with its new toy.

When adding new, large toys like a swing into your bird’s cage, it can scare your bird. A slow adjustment is the best way to go for skittish cockatiels. First, hang the swing on the outside of the cage.

This way, your bird can learn this new item is not a threat without it being too overwhelming. When your bird seems comfortable around this new object, then add it to the inside of the cage.should I get a swing for my cockatiel?

Try a variety.

Introduce your cockatiel to a simple swing, so it is not overwhelmed. If your bird does not acclimate to the swing, you can try to purchase a different kind of swing that may be more appealing to your bird.

A swing that has bells or a place to stick some treats may be a better option. We also recommend reading our article about Cockatiels and shiny things – it will help you understand them better!

Further, you should give baby toys a try! Yes, parakeets and parrots can play with baby toys unless they contain toxic materials! We show you 8 bird-friendly examples here!

Accept your bird’s likes and dislikes.

If you have tried everything and still can’t get your cockatiel to like swings, don’t continue to force it. Cockatiels have wonderful, varying personalities. It may never like swings, and that is perfectly normal.

There is an endless amount of different toys for your bird to try. It may not love swings, but the perfect toy will be out there waiting to give your cockatiel hours of joy.

Related Questions

Do cockatiels like to be petted? Yes, cockatiels like being petted. These birds are known for being affectionate. Return that affection by rubbing your cockatiel on the head, paying lots of attention to the bird’s crest. They also enjoy gentle scratching on their red cheek patches.

What kind of treats do cockatiels like? Any pet store will have packaged treats for your cockatiel. They will be appropriately labeled and usually contain a blend of seed and dried fruit. If you would like to give your bird a fresh treat, opt for chopped greens, or small pieces of apple, mango or melon.