female Indian ringneck hormonal

Hi I have a 15 month female Indian ringneck. She has been hormonal 3 and half months. She has gotten into attack mode all the time. I have had 3 black eyes from her dive bombing my face plus a scar . she will attack my hands arms etc… for no reason or no warning signs. Ive had her since she was 5 weeks old and she was so sweet only bit fingers once in a while.  Its come to the point I dont know what to do any more and want to keep her in the cage all the time since I get attacked trying to get her back. She always went in her cage for a walnut. she doesnt do any nesting behaver but she loves anything even if shes sitting on a chair with no toys or anything she gets in that breeding position .I am thinking about clipping her wings because im afraid shes going to get my eyeball been very close. 

Please any help


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