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Indian Ringnecks: Blue, Green and White


Mutation Indian Ringneck Parrot “Bokki”Mutation Breeding:

The “Green” plumage is the original color of this bird species; although some mutations have occurred in the wild.

Most colors, however, have been produced in captivity, and breeders are eager to produce the rarer color or even new mutations, for which buyers are willing to pay more.


Sex linked colors

Sex-linked colors are Lutino, Cinnamon, and Albino. Only the male carries two color genes. The female only carries one.

If you breed a Lutino male to a female of different colors, all the female chicks will Lutinos.

If both parents are Lutino, all the young (male or female) will be Lutinos.

Violet Indian Ringneck

Recessive / Dominant Colors:

Dominant genes are those that only ONE parent needs to carry for the young to visibly show this color. Dominant colors are Green and Grey (Grey can occur in single factor and double factor forms).

Recessive genes require BOTH parents to carry the mutation gene in order for this color to show up in the young. Recessive plumage colors are Blues and Pieds.


Violet (Incomplete Autosomal Dominant Inherited Gene)

  • Violet Blue (violet in the Blue series) – normal Violet coloration; mostly commonly associated with the Violet mutation
  • Violet Green (violet in the Green series) – the plumage is greenish-violet
  • *Double Factor Violet Mauve – plumage looks grey
  • Double Factor Violet Blue Cobalt – dark violet plumage

*Double Factor : Both parents carry identical genes resulting in offspring that is genetically double-factor.


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    Split Genes

    Most Ringnecks in captivity are split to a mutation and even though they may not show a color, may be able to produce mutation-colored young.


    Indian Ringneck Genetics Calculator

    Ringneck Mutations



    Cinnamon Blue Indian Ringneck Parrot



    Blue Mutation


    Indian Ringneck -Blue Mutation in flight



    Pastel Blue Mutation


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      Indian Ringnecks

      Eleanor with her Indian Ringnecks



      White-headed Pastel Blue Mutation


      Female White-head Pastel Blue Indian Ringneck

      White-head Pastel Blue Indian Ringneck



      Lutino (Yellow) Mutation

      Lutino Indian Ring-necked Parakeet

      Indian Ringneck - Lutino Mutation

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        Grey Mutation


        Olive Mutation

        Indian Ringneck Mutations “Bob and Hazel”



        Albino and Pied Mutations


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        Ringneck Mutations


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