Lesser Vasa Parrots

The Lesser Vasa Parrot or Black Parrot (Coracopsis nigra) is one of two species of vasa parrots, the other being the Greater Vasa Parrot (C. vasa). The race C. n. barklyi, of The Seychelles, is sometimes split as a separate species, the Seychelles Black Parrot

Vasas as Pets 

Breeding the Vasa Parrot 

Distribution / Habitat:

Lesser Vasa Parrots are native to the mangrove swamps and evergreen forests of Madagascar and the Seychelles Islands. 


The general plumage is blackish-brown; with variable grey markings on under tail-coverts. The outer webs of primaries (longest wing feathers) are grey; skin to narrow periophthalmic ring grey; iris dark brown; feet grey; bill blackish.

Immatures as adult, but very young birds with light-colored bill.

Average Length: 35 cm (13.5 – 14 ins), wing length 215 – 255 mm (8.5 – 10 ins) 

Diet / Food:

The eat seeds, blossoms and fruit – especially berries and mangoes. 


Species: Scientific: Coracopsis nigra nigra … English: Black Parrot, Little Vasa Parrot … Dutch: Kleine Vasa Papegaai … German: Kleiner Vasapapagei … French: Perroquet noir.

CITES II – Endangered Species

Distribution: Eastern Madagascar

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