Breeding the Maroon-tailed Conures or Maroon-tailed Parakeets

Maroon-tailed Conure

Breeding the Maroon-tailed Conure:

Maroon-tailed conures are fairly easy to breed; but breeding is more successful in aviaries rather than cages. It’s best to house one pair per flight and it is generally unwise to keep other birds in that aviary, as maroon-bellies may be aggressive towards birds they don’t get along with — potentially even kill them.

Leafy branches in their aviary will entertain them and give them some healthy beak exercise. Natural branches should be used for perches.

These branches need to be replaced regularly as parrots like to chew on them.

It’s important to verify that any shrub or trees that you use in the aviary are non toxic and safe to give to the birds, and have not been sprayed with pesticides / chemicals.

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