Attractive & Functional Shoulder Capes

Protects your clothes and the toys entertain your pet birds at the same time

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    • I am very enthusiastic about this item. Both my pet parrots (the lovebird and african grey) really enjoy the toys that come attached to it. Like many pet bird owners I had a problem with torn and dirty clothes as well as broken jewelry. This item doesn’t only look nice enough to go outside with – but it does a wonderful job at protecting my clothes.
    • The Bird Shoulder Cape is made of poly/cotton prints or denim, which are durable/washable fabrics with a cream colored poly/cotton lining. This cape was designed for long comfort and protective wear.
    • It has a heavy Velcro fastener in the front and 2 “D” shape rings sewn on for interchanging bird toys and easy cleaning. There is a “treat pocket” for storing your bird’s favorite snack.
    • The optional 20 inch Lanyard is only to be used with the bird shoulder cape.The Lanyard has a slide leg hoop to fit mid-sized to large birds. It provides added security to stop your bird from flying off your shoulder when scared or frightened.
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