Monk Parrots / Monk Parakeets (Myiopsitta monachus)

When I moved to Florida, I was delighted to see the large population of wild Quaker Parrots (sub-species of the Monk Parakeet) (Myiopsitta monachus) who have made this their home. They are reported to occur in many other parts of the United States.

The Quaker Parrots are the most widespread and well-known of all monk parrots.

Other sub-species of the Monk Parrots are listed below.

Green Quaker Parrot


Class: Aves … Order: Psittaciformes … Family: Psittacidae … Subfamily: Psittacinae … Genus: Scientific: Myiopsitta … English: Monk Parakeets … Dutch: Monniksparkieten … German: Mönchssittiche … French: Perruche moine … CITES II: Endangered Species


Bolivian Monk Parakeets

Species: Scientific: Myiopsitta monachus luchsi … English: Bolivian Monk Parakeet … Dutch: Boliviaanse Monniksparkiet … German: Bolivien Mönchssittich … French: Perruche moine Cocha Bamba … CITES II – Endangered Species.

Description: As Monk Parakeet (monachus), but forehead and crown whitish-grey; throat and breast pale grey without edging; band to abdomen yellowish. … Length: 30 cm (12 ins), winglength 145-165 mm (5.75 – 6.5 ins)

Distribution: Cochabamba province, central Bolivia

Mendoza (Grey-breasted) Monk Parakeets:

Species: Scientific: Myiopsitta monachus calita … English: Mendoza Monk Parakeet … Dutch: Mendoza Monniksparkiet … German: Mendoza Mönchssittich … French: Perruche moine Mendoza … CITES II – Endangered Species

Description: As Monk Parakeets (monachus), but smaller; forehead and crown grey without bluish tinge; yellowish-green abdomen with bluish tinge; olive-yellow breast band as in nominate type, but occasionally more yellow; bill much smaller. … Length: 27 cm (10.5 ins), winglength 135-145 mm (5.25-5.75 ins)

Distribution: Western Argentina from Salta, Santiago de Estero and western Cordoba south to Mendoza and La Pampa; probably also Rio Negro.

Monk Parakeets / Grey-breasted Parakeets: Please go to Quaker Parrots.

Paraguayan Monk Parakeets

Species: Scientific: Myiopsitta monachus cotorra … English: Paraguayan Monk Parakeet … Dutch: Paraguay Moniksparkiet … German: Paraguay Mönchssittich … French: Perruche moine Paraguay … CITES II – Endangered Species

Description: As Monk Parakeets (monachus), but brighter green to head and back of head; band to breast grey; smaller. … Length: 27 cm (10.5 ins), winglength 130-145 mm (5-5.75 ins)

Distribution: Southeast Bolivia in province of Tirija and southwest Mato Grosso, Brazil, south to Paraguay and Argentina in provinces of Formosa and Chaco.

Quaker Parrots

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