Do African Greys Like Music? How About TV?

Do African Greys Like Music? How About TV?

African Grey parrots are highly intelligent and inherently social. These birds, from the central African rainforests, are known for their ability to mimic human speech and demonstrate cognitive skills similar to young children. Interaction and mental engagement are essential for their mental health. Entertainment for African Greys extends to activities that stimulate their senses and … Read more

Can an African Grey Parrot Bite Your Finger Off? Busting Myths

African Grey Parrots are renowned for their intelligence and eloquence. Their remarkable cognitive abilities, akin to those of a young child, make them popular among bird lovers.  However, along with their mental prowess comes a range of behaviors that can be challenging for their human companions to understand and manage. One such behavior is biting, … Read more

Can Older African Grey Learn to Talk

Can Older African Grey Learn to Talk? Till What Age Can You Train Them?

African Grey parrots, known for their impressive mimicry of human language, are among the most talented talkers in the avian world. Their ability to replicate human speech with a massive vocabulary has earned them a reputation for being extremely intelligent. But what happens when an African Grey doesn’t learn to talk in its formative years? … Read more

Why Is My African Grey Scratching the Floor? “Scratching” The Problem’s Surface

African Greys often engage in behaviors that seem perplexing to bird owners. One such behavior is the act of scratching the floor, carpet, or cage, much like chickens do when feeding. To understand this behavior, one must first know about their natural instincts and evolutionary habits. I will shed some light on the reasons behind … Read more

Why Does My African Grey Make Baby Noises

Why Does My African Grey Make Baby Noises? Learning Attention Seeking Cues

African Grey parrots are renowned for their advanced mimicry skills. One of the intriguing sounds they make are baby noises. When we refer to “baby noises,” we’re talking about sounds that resemble the coos, cries, and giggles of human infants. African Greys have been observed making sounds that mirror a baby’s whimper, the soft gurgling … Read more