Red-rumped Parrots Mutations / Sub-species

Red Rumps come in a variety of mutations (please refer to photos). The below chart is courtesy of Mandy and Paul – Breeder of Canaries and Other Exotic Birds – Singing Wings Aviary –

MutationGenetic Inheritance
Normal (Wild Type)Dominant
Australian CinnamonSex-linked Recessive
UK Cinnamon ( Pallid, Lime, Yellow and Dilute)Autosomal Recessive
Australian BlueAutosomal Recessive
UK Blue (Pastel Blue, Par Blue, Dilute Blue)Autosomal Recessive
Australian Platinummultiple allemorph with lime-platinum-lutino
LutinoSex-linked Recessive
OpalineSex-linked Recessive
PiedAutosomal Recessive
FallowAutosomal Recessive
Austalian blue pied redrump hen x Normal green red rump parakeet cock
Opaline Red-rumped Parakeet pair
Opaline Red-rumped Parakeet Chicks in Nest
Red-rumped Parrots
Psephotus InformationPhotos of the Members of the Psephotus Family for Identification
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