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Cracked eggs placed into an incubator often start to rot within days as bacteria can easily enter the egg or the fluids leak out also causing the embryo to die. But it is possible to save the egg.

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    • Needed supplies: antiseptic solution and nontoxic, water-soluble white glue (i.e., Elmer’s Glue-All).
    • Clean the eggs using the antiseptic solution.
    • Carefully:”paint” a very thin layer over the cracked area. Be careful not to apply too widely to the shell. as It obstructs the oxygen supply.
    • Once the adhesive is dry, place the egg in your incubator.

    If the break has caused an indentation in the shell, a single ply of facial tissue cut to generously fit over the indentation acts as support webbing. Make sure that the patch is not too big. It should be about the shape of the indentation and fit over it well with some extra space around the edges for support. Place the patch over the crack and brush a very thin layer of glue over it.

    Follow the below instructions:

    • Cut the piece of tissue a little bigger than the indentation.
    • Separate the two plies and place over the indentation.
    • Paint the edges with a thin layer of glue.

    If you are concerned that one ply may not be strong enough

    • Place a second ply over the indentation.
    • Paint the rest of the issue with glue to create an airtight seal.

    Species Research by Sibylle Johnson


    FREE video course:
    Stop Your Bird's Biting

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      FREE video course:
      Stop Your Bird's Biting