This Is The Most Affectionate Parrot! (+4 Other Affectionate Species)

What is the most affectionate parrot?Parrots have a unique way of interacting with humans which makes them a very popular pet. They have a very affirmative and playful behavior which is extremely endearing!

Which is the most affectionate parrot? Of all the species which are friendly towards humans, cockatoos win the race for being very affectionate and lovable. They are delicate, friendly, and well-mannered pets and are easy to tame. These birds adore when being cuddled and held by humans. They learn to speak easily and it is amusing and lovely to hear them talk!

From experiences of bird owners across the world, cockatoos have been established as a very friendly feathered pet to have. They fill your house with their lively chirping and can also repeat words and phrases which makes them a hit with the kids.

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    And they are a pleasure to watch as they frolic around in the cage or around the house when you let them out! Tame cockatoos are very comfortable with their human friends and will happily perch on their shoulders and hands.

    What Makes Cockatoos So Affectionate?

    Cockatoos are social birds. They find it gratifying to spend time with humans. They are also easy to tame and train. They love rewards and appreciation. In fact, it is said that cockatoos typically behave more like canines instead of just flying birds.

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      What’s more, they are also very loyal to their owners and it has been seen that cockatoos identify their owners and come to cherish them.

      You can tell your cockatoo has truly accepted you as their human companion when they display the below affectionate behavior.

      • They like to snuggle up to you and rest their little heads on your shoulder.
      • They demand that you touch and pet them by nudging you till you start showing some love.
      • They might ‘kiss’ you. A cockatoos kiss is more of a nibble on your cheek or ear. But it is a sign of deep affection all the same.
      • They will regurgitate their food for you. Yes, that’s a major compliment in cockatoo-world!
      • They won’t ever have enough of you touching and handling them!

      Cockatoos are truly adorable once they start loving you back. And they return the love you give them many times over. They make it possible to have a very close bond and it is totally worth it to have them as pets.

      Need some proof? Look at the video below!

      You definitely should have a big smile on your face after watching this!

      What Does A Cockatoo Need?

      A cockatoo can be an exceptional companion if its requirements and needs are adequately met. They are mischievous, affectionate, and energetic birds. But you would be wrong to think that they hardly have any special needs.

      As a cockatoo owner, you need to be aware of their advanced needs.

      Cockatoos need heaps of human interaction and love. One cannot leave them on their own for a long time. You need to invest a lot of time to keep your bird happy and healthy.

      A cockatoo loves being held, caressed, and talked to. By spending adequate time with your cockatoo, you can help establish a strong bond with your pet. And doing this can be a very rewarding experience, too! Your cockatoo will give back more love and affection to you!

      When the bird gets used to your warmth and love, they become more comfortable in your presence.  Eventually, they will be comfortable enough to even sleep in your bed and will fly to you, and perch on your hand or shoulder when they are let out.

      They will even cuddle with you to express their affection. And sometimes, these adorable little things might also want to eat out of your hands, literally!

      If you own a cockatoo, it deserves your love, care, and time.

      What Happens If You Don’t Give Your Cockatoo Adequate Time?

      Although properly raised and trained cockatoos turn out to be very affectionate and wonderful companions, they demand your time. Be ready for some drama and tantrums if you don’t give them adequate attention.

      A cockatoo will show some provocative behavior if it is ignored or left alone for long. This can turn your docile bird into an ill-tempered creature.

      Neglect is one of the many reasons for sudden aggression in pet birds. If your parrot became suddenly aggressive, you should have a look at our article on that here!

      Thus, expert owners mention that consistency in your actions towards a cockatoo is key. Establish a good level of affection with the bird right from the beginning and maintain the same level consistently.

      This way, the expectation is set and maintained in such a way that is comfortable to both you and your pet.

      Usually, it happens that when a new pet is introduced, everybody loves to spend time with it. But as the novelty wears off, people find other things to do and the cockatoo is left ignored. This is very damaging for the cockatoo’s health.

      Thus, it is better not to overdo anything in the beginning. Spend as much time with your pet as you can during your routine life.

      A study conducted a few years ago reveals that cockatoos could even show some phobic behavioral problems that embrace activities like plucking, self-mutilating and screaming.

      They will probably try to dominate the entire family, typically chasing and attacking their least likable family members. When upset, their call is so loud and shrill that it can be almost unbearable.

      They can do painful things to you and your family as we describe in this article: Can a cockatoo bite your finger off?

      One has to be prepared to spend a ton of your time with them as a lack of focus and attention makes your cuddlesome bird to a monster. Taking care of this little bird requires some sort of commitment from your end.

      Cockatoos are so loving!
      Keeping parrots in pairs is more natural and makes it easy to prevent mental issues in those birds.

      Other Needs of Cockatoos

      Cockatoos are affectionate and loving birds only as long as you are able to reasonably satisfy their basic needs. Apart from time and affection, you also need to take care of their diet, make sure that they are entertained and get adequate exercise.

      Dietary Needs

      Huge varieties of fresh fruit, vegetables, and nuts can fulfill the daily meal requirement of cockatoos. Along with these, one can also serve some cooked grains like oats, brown rice, and barley. They also like to consume sweet potatoes and vegetable pasta, and a variety of seeds and pellets.

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        However, one must remember not to overfeed these birds with Vitamin C or a high quantity of citrus food. A large amount of Vitamin C increases the absorbed amount of iron from different food supplements which can give them the Iron overload disease.

        Entertainment Needs

        Most of the cockatoos adore music and they would be amused if you leave a radio or television on when you are away. Apart from this, they are delighted with toys which you can easily buy from a pet store and install inside their cage.

        They entertain themselves with toys either by chewing or shredding them. Cockatoos relish different varieties of toys like simple puzzle toys, wood toys, raffia toys, and cord toys.

        Especially for Cockatoos, it is recommended to get some baby toys the can throw around. However, not all baby toys are good for them. Here are 8 baby toys parrots can play with.

        Exercising Needs

        Healthy and happy cockatoos might want 3 to 4 hours of time outside their cage. Once tame, they should be let out to roam around freely as they please.

        If letting a cockatoo out is not an option, they should be given access to play gym accessories so that they get enough exercised to keep their bones healthy and strong.

        Cage Needs

        It is very important to provide them with a cage that is large enough for them to spread their wings and comfortably hop around. Species of cockatoos which are larger in size like Moluccan must be provided with a minimum cage size of 40-inch x 30-inch.

        Other smaller cockatoos such as Ducorps can accommodate themselves within a cage of 36-inch x 24-inch. But it is always recommended to buy a bigger cage for them that their minimum requirement. Nobody likes cramped spaces and cockatoos are no different.

        Also, a larger cage can easily accommodate their perches and toys well to keep them entertained inside the cage. Here are 5 amazing cages that are recommended for Cockatoos!

        Other Affectionate Parrots

        Apart from cockatoos, there are a few other species of parrots, too, that enjoy creating a bond with their human friends. Two types of parrots that come a close second in friendliness are given below.

        1. Lovebirds (Agapornis)

        Lovebirds are one of the most affectionate bird speciesThese are lovely pets to have, and cute as a button with their small sizes and wonderful colors. They easily adapt to your lifestyle and get used to your schedules.

        They are social birds, too. Usually, lovebirds are kept in groups so they keep themselves entertained by interacting with others of their kind. They do not need the attention of their owners all the time.

        Lovebirds are bold, curious, inquisitive and always energetic. It is a myth that lovebirds appear always in a pair as we usually see them as two lovebirds cuddling up with each other.

        It is an undeniable fact that they form the deepest and strongest bond with their mates, but they can do very well in forming a bond with their human owners as well. Just a few chewable toys, and some entertainment, and they won’t ever give you a hard time.

        2. Senegal Parrots (Poicephalus senegalus)

        Senegal Parrots are one of the most affectionate bird speciesThese breed of birds make themselves an extraordinary pet and are easy to breed.

        They are extremely adorable and given half a chance, they would love to perch on your shoulder the whole day! Senegals do not require another mate to keep them entertained, as they are very good with their attachment to their owners. (We still recommend to get at least two parrots)

        They appreciate all the attention and love you will shower on them. In return, they adore you with their affection. Senegals do not screech. They are usually more inclined towards clucking and whistling.

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          3. Budgies (Melopsittacus undulatus)

          Budgies are one of the most affectionate bird species
          (I mean, just look at them!)

          Budgies are colorful little birds that are quite affectionate to their owners. They love being handled and will perch on your hands to feed. They love climbing up and down your body and will frolic around you and let you touch them.

          These little feathered balls will nibble at you and will let you pet them. Budgies can be taught simple tricks such as waving. And their chirping is music to the ears! They make extremely adorable pets.

          Before you get a budgie, we recommend reading our following articles on them:

          4. Pacific Parrotlet (Forpus coelestis)

          Parrotlets are one of the most affectionate bird speciesA Pacific parrotlet is a small bird known for it’s affectionate and intelligent nature. It is small enough to fit on your palm and looks cute as a button! It is a fearless bird and is easy to tame since it quickly gets comfortable in human presence.

          They are very positive towards the human touch and are friendly and loving. Pacific parrotlets can be taught tricks and they can even learn to talk. Having this bird as a pet means having a constant source of amusement and lots of love!

          In Conclusion

          Bringing a parrot home should not be a rash decision. You should be prepared to commit to your pets needs. This includes spending time and energy to make sure your pet is healthy and happy. But, give it some tender loving and care, and it will return back the love manifold!

          Related Questions

          How well can Cockatoos speak? Cockatoos can speak reasonably well. Although they are not one of the best talking species of birds, they can easily learn some simple words and phrases. And of course, it is a delight to hear them repeat these phrases over and over again.

          Are Cockatoos available only in white color? Although they are mostly seen and available in white color, there are many amazing shades of them such as black with xanthous, red or whitetails, black with no color ears, and grey with rosy busts.

          How often do cockatoos need to be bathed? Cockatoos must be given a bath at least once a week. This is to get rid of feather dust and to ensure that their plumage remains nice and shiny. You can even use a spray bottle once a week for this purpose.

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