Why Your Budgie Is Sneezing And When To Worry

Why is my budgie sneezing?Hang around a budgie for a little while and hear them sneeze, and you will soon know the answer to the question, that is why my budgie is sneezing – it is pretty much for all the same reasons humans sneeze.

Why is my budgie sneezing? Places that can cause sneezes in budgies are rooms with a lot of dust in them, large amounts of lint in the air, or even dander derived from their feathers. The fine particles in these substances can irritate the nose of a bird, and so it pushes out the foreign particles by generating a sneeze.

So, that’s the quick answer-but to really know more, please keep reading and you will be well-versed in understanding why your budgie is sneezing.

A Further Look

As a budgie owner, you have probably been doing a household task or an ordinary chore like sweeping the floor, dusting off your collectibles or television set, or even running a small hand vacuum in between the couch cushions and before you know it there are small sneezes coming from your budgie’s cage.

You might hear a succession of one or two sneezes, followed by a bird with a body of ruffled feathers. Then, the feathers go right back into their normal place, and everything seems okay.

And it is – budgies are like every other living creature; they sneeze and it’s perfectly healthy to do so.

Just like the respiratory systems of humans, a budgie’s does the same thing. It gets the harmful stuff out of the body of the budgie by initiating a sneeze. It is merely a way to discharge those foreign particles.

Sneezing is pretty common in pet budgerigars, but there are a few things that owners should watch out for as they keep their birds. Keep a close eye on your feathered friend to see if he or she has eyes that look infected or a runny nose.

If you see any of these or other troubling signs, then it is time to get that bird to the vet. Your bird might have some sort of respiratory infection, and your veterinarian can prescribe medicine such as an antibiotic that will help them heal.

Why Else Might a Budgie Sneeze?

Just like in humans, sneezing and discharge of the nasal variety are mostly normal. However, if you notice these symptoms happening more frequently, help is needed by way of a vet. Important signs of illness in your bird include:

  • Apathetic nature
  • Fluffing of the feathers
  • Colored, not clear nasal mucus
  • Continued sneezing
  • Changes in chirp or “voice”
  • Dripping eyes
  • Trouble breathing
  • Wheezing sounds
  • Eyes stay closed
  • Lack of perching

There are four main respiratory ailments that have sneezing and mucus discharge as a symptom in birds. They affect the trachea, air sacs, and the lungs of budgies.

  • Viral – diseases like avian flu, newcastle disease, pox
  • Bacterial infections – Pasteurella, and e. Coli
  • Fungal infections – aspergillosis, candida
  • Other infection – Nutritional and mycoplasmas

Your veterinarian can help you create and execute an effective treatment plan for your sick bird. Your pet may need to have obstructions cleared from their airways, have their nostrils flushed, or even have an antibiotic injected or taken orally, among other treatment methods.

If you fear that your budgie might be sick, act quickly! Budgies die very quickly. We show you 5 symptoms that your budgie might be dying in this article!

My budgie is sneezing very often

Keeping A Clean Environment for your Budgie

Keeping a clean home is great for everybody’s health-your friends, family and of course your budgie! There are a few things you can do right at home to make sure the air is clean, and everybody is breathing easy.

You can, of course, open a window while your budgie is in his or her cage. This will let in fresh, clean air from the outside. You might also invest in an air filtration device or air purifier to get rid of harmful particles in the air and keep your budgie from sneezing too much.

Be sure that if you go this route, you follow all manufacturer instructions about when to change the filters inside.

Keeping the air as fresh and clean as you possibly can, will help you keep sneezing to a minimum and make sure your bird enjoys a longer, healthier lifespan.

If you do choose to open up a window, be sure that he or she is protected from drafts. Drafts may be a contributor to why a budgie sneezes. Putting your bird too close to a window or by a walkway with lots of air circulating about quickly will irritate the sinuses of a budgie.

Make sure doors are closed and curtains are drawn so that unnecessary drafts are kept away from your budgerigar.

You also want to be sure your bird is kept far away from chemicals, too. We all use chemicals in our home to clean wood, polish mirrors and disinfect countertops. We also use chemicals in the form of air fresheners candles and carpet cleaners.

If you are shampooing your carpet or installing an air freshener, you should think twice about how to approach it.

Whilst shampooing the carpet, move the budgie to a different place for the time being and then let the scent of the cleaner air out by opening some windows if appropriate.

Burn scented candles away from your budgie. Use an air freshener elsewhere so that your bird’s nose is irritant-free.

Keep this in mind: Budgies were meant to live outdoors and exposed to a constant supply of fresh air. However, many budgies live in cages and do not get the same amount of fresh air.

Living in such an environment can cause them to sneeze or develop respiratory issues if owners are not mindful.

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Related Questions

What Does It Mean When a Bird Sneezes A Lot?

Every bird sneezes every now and then to clean out his nares, or nostrils. However, the frequent discharge of mucus and a lot of sneezing is cause for an owner to be concerned.

All you need in some cases is some clean, fresh air, to eliminate the dust in the surrounding area, and perhaps a humidifier or air purifier.

Can a Budgie Get a Cold?

The answer is yes. Just as us humans catch a cold every now and again, our budgies can too. Unlike a human cold, these do not simply go away after a few days with soup and tea and rest.

You might use a tissue to soak up some of the mucus from your budgie, but to treat his cold you must go to a vet for the proper medicine.

Can My Budgie Get Sick from Me?

Most human ailments, like the common cold and the flu, cannot be passed along to the companion birds residing in our households.

If your budgie – or parrot, for that matter – is exposed to certain viruses or bacterial infections like the ones we discussed above, they very well could develop an infection by themselves even if the humans of the house are healthy.

In Closing

The answer to why is my budgie sneezing is not a complicated one at all, and the best thing to do is just keep a clean house and an environment that features plenty of clean and fresh air for your bird to enjoy.

And of course, keep an eye out for excessive sneezing-it could mean a visit to the vet is in order.