Yellow-faced Parrots

Please note: The Yellow-faced Amazon is also sometimes referred to as Yellow-faced Parrot. They are not related to this Poicephalus parrot.

The Yellow-fronted Parrot or Yellow-faced Parrot (Poicephalus flavifrons) is endemic to Africa, specifically northern and central Ethiopia. The Yellow-faced Parrot is endangered in its natural habitat (CITES II).

Disputed Sub-species

  • Poicephalus flavifrons flavifrons (nominate form) – Range: Northern and Central Ethiopia
    • Orange-faced Parrots – Poicephalus flavifrons aurantiiceps – Range: Southwest Ethiopia; however, many consider this racial segregation as invalid, which would make the nominate species monotypic (only one species).


Yellow-faced parrots average 11.2 inches or 28 cm in length. The general plumage is mostly green.

The forehead, crown and upper cheeks are yellow. The breast, abdomen, thighs and under tail-coverts are yellowish-green. In some females, the thighs and the bend of the wing has yellow markings. The lower back is pale green.

The periophthalmic ring is blackish and the irises are whitish. The upper beak is brownish-grey and the lower beak is horn-whitish. The feet are brownish-grey.

Female almost as male. Immatures as adult, but crown and upper cheeks dull yellowish olive-green.

Note: subspecies aurantiiceps described by Neumann in 1904 from Masango area and Gila River is not included here as orange forehead, crown and cheeks in description do not occur consistently enough.

Sounds / Vocalizations

This is a noisy species, making loud, shrill whistles and screeches.

Natural Diet / Captive Feeding

Poicephalus Parrot Breeding / Reproduction

Species Names:

Scientific: Poicephalus flavifrons flavifrons

English: Yellow-faced Parrot … Dutch: Geelmaskerpapegaai … German: Gelbstirnmohrenkopfpapagei … French: Perroquet à front jaune


Orange-faced Parrots (Sub-species to Yellow-faced described above – disputed, may be same species):

Description: Like nominate Yellow-faced Parrot, except face more orangy.

Distribution: Masango area and Gila River, south-western Ethiopia

Species: Scientific: Poicephalus flavifrons aurantiiceps … English: Orange-faced Parrot … Dutch: Oranjemaskerpapegaai … German: Orangestirnpapagei … French: Perroquet à fronte orang

CITES II – Endangered Species

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