Abyssinian Parakeets

The Abyssinian Parakeet (Psittacula krameri parvirostris) is endemic to northwest Somalia, across northern Ethiopia to Sennar district, Sudan. Feral flocks consisting of imported stock are also found in the UK and the U.S. Abyssinian Parakeets prefer tropical habitats and generally live in areas that are lightly forested.

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    These noisy parakeets are generally not timid, and will announce their presence loudly to anything approaching them. They can frequently be observed foraging for food consisting of seeds, fruits, flowers and nectar or roosting in trees. They generally travel in small groups, although they sometimes will gather to feed and roost in larger groups, sometimes reaching over a thousand birds in a flock.

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      They are a subspecies ofRing-necked Parakeets and are commonly kept as pets.


      Similar to the Rose-ringed Parakeet, krameri, but the face is pale green; breast and abdomen feathers in both sexes with marked grey-white tinge; smaller upper beak is red with a black tip.

      The average length (head to tail tip) is about 40 cm (15.5 ins), with a wing length 146 – 160 mm ( 5.5 – 6 ins).

      Abyssinian Parakeets, like other Ring-Necked Parakeets, are characterized by the colored ring around their necks.

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        The males have a rose-colored ring, while the female’s ring is less distinct and emerald-green in color. Males can also be distinguished from females by the black bib which extends from directly underneath their bill to the ring.

        The bill of the Abyssinian Parakeet averages 19.6 millimeters in length and is red on the top and black on the bottom.

        Ringneck Parrots are generally hardy birds. However, the following diseases have been reported in this species:

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          Species: Scientific: Psittacula krameri parvirostris … English: Abyssinian Parakeet … Dutch: Abessijnse Halsbandparkiet … German: Abessinischer Halsbandsittich … French: Perruche à bande rose de l’Abyssinie | CITES II – Endangered Species

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