Yellow-streaked Lory aka Yellowish or Glossy Lory

Yellow-streaked and Green-naped Lory

Yellow streaked lory – Chalcopsitta scintillateLories and Lorikeets: Overview (Naming, Range and Description)



The Yellow-streaked Lory (Chalcopsitta sintillata sintillata) — also known as Yellowish or Glossy Lory — is endangered in its natural habitats in Southern New Guinea, Western New Guinea, Papua.

They live in subtropical or tropical moist lowland and mangrove forests.

They can live up to 20 years.


Subspecies and Distribution

  • Chalcopsitta sintillata sintillata (Temminck) 1835 – Nominate Species
    • Chalcopsitta sintillata (Temminck) 1835 – South New Guinea from Triton Bay (Irian Jaya) East to R Fly.Chalcopsitta sintillata chloroptera Salvadori 1876 – R Fly E to South East Papua New Guinea. Chalcopsitta sintillata rubrifrons Gray,GR 1858 – from Aru Islands


Yellow-streaked Lory


This beautiful green-backed, green-winged lory is 12″ (30 cm) long and weigh around 6.7 oz or 190 g.

Its nape (back of the neck), ear coverts (feathers covering the ears) and beak are black, as is the periorbital skin (skin around the eye, including the eyelids) in adult birds. Lored, thighs and undertail, underwings and forehead in adults are red; with a red flecking on its throat area. Visible is a yellow band across the underside of its flight feathers. The front is entirely green, heavily streaked with golden yellow. It has brown irises. Characteristic for the species is the spiky “ruff” that is formed by the neck feathers.

Sub-species ID:

The yellow streaking of the breast distinguished the nominate subspecies from the Carmine-fronted Lory (C.s. rubrifrons), which has orange-red streaking, and the Green-streaked Lory (C.s. chloroptera) which has green streaking and green underwings.


Yellow-streaked Lory

Lories as Pets or in Aviculture:

Due to their endangered status, any suitable specimen that cannot be released back into their natural habitat (native range) should preferably be placed into a well-managed breeding program to ensure the continued survival of this species.


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Yellow-streaked Lory

Carmine-fronted Lories:

Average Length: 31 cm / 12.4 inches (from beak to tip of tail)

Distribution: Aru Islands in the province of Maluku in eastern Indonesia

Family: Loriidae … Genus: Scientific: Chalcopsitta … English: Glossy Lory … Dutch: Glanslori … German: Glanzloris … French: Lori éclat

Species: Scientific: Chalcopsitta sintillata rubrifrons … English: Carmine-fronted Lory … Dutch: Roodgestreepte Lori … German: Aru chimmerlori … French: Lori à front rouge … CITES II – Endangered Species


Green-streaked Lories:

Distribution: New Guinea, Papua

Family: Loriidae … Genus: Scientific: Chalcopsitta … English: Glossy Lories … Dutch: Glanslori … German: Glanzloris … French: Lori éclat

Species: Scientific: Chalcopsitta sintillata chloroptera … English: Green-streaked Lory … Dutch: Groene Strepenlori … German: Grünstrichel Schimmerlori … French: Lori à front vert … CITES II – Endangered Species


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