Animal Hoarding

A good friend of mine was a hoarder to the point that she had moved all the furniture, except the bed, out of the house and filled the entire house with cages. Her house has become so bad that in her words — she “hadn’t seen the floor of her house for the longest time.” … Read more

Recommended Vets in the United States

This resource is compiled with the help of Jeannine Miesle and the members of the Science of Avian Health facebook group.  It is a MERGED resource that also includes recommendation by members of the former Avian Health forum and BeautyOfBirds research and connections with Avian Veterinarians / Veterinarians experienced with birds. DISCLAIMER:  These listings were compiled … Read more

Part 2: Veterinary (Avian) Pain Management & Signal Reception

  By Jeannine Miesle MA, AAV Part 1: History / Introduction Part 2: Pain Perception and Signal Reception (Please scroll down) Part 3: Pain Signal Transmission and Pain Pathways Part 4: Types of Pain, Long-term effects, Referred Pain, and Pain Memory Part 5: Pain, Stress, and the Body’s Physiological Response to Them Part 6: Pain … Read more

Avian Medical Terms (Avian Health & Diseases) by Jeannine Miesle

Main Article: Avian Medical Terms / Health & Diseases by Jeannine Miesle, MA, Allied Member, Association of Avian Veterinarians Terms:   Directional Terms… Regions of the body … Prefixes & Suffices … Muscle Movement … Number Values … Abbreviations … Organizations  … Commonly Used Medical Terms Relevant Images:  Relevant Avian Anatomy Image Gallery (NOTE: Some of the images / illustrations on this … Read more

Classic “sick bird” appearance

Sick Bird Symptoms

Primary symptoms and possible causes: Some of the avian diseases require direct or indirect contact with a diseased bird (viral / bacterial disases, for example). If a pet hasn’t been in contact with other birds for years, then one can exclude / ignore them for the most part. In those cases, it is more likely … Read more

Caring for a Sick Bird / Emergency Care: Supportive Care

Related Web Resources: Symptoms and Potential Causes … Bird Species and Diseases They are Most Susceptible to … Avian Pain Assessment & Management Emergency treatment for the ill bird at home The following instructions refer to emergency treatment to be given at home, prior to hospitalization. Veterinary attention should be sought as soon as possible to … Read more


Viral Structure

When psittacines and other birds were brought to European and North American countries from Africa, Asia, South America and Australia during the bird craze of the 1970’s and 1980’s, few people considered the diseases these birds might bring with them. People’s demand for these birds fueled an industry which supplied them. The diverse species of … Read more

Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot called “Killer”

Bird Nutrition – What Should I Feed My Pet Birds

Bird Nutrition | Beauty of Birds Psittacines (Parrots) by Jeannine Miesle – Complete analysis of nutritional needs and symptoms of deficiencies (a MUST-read for the dedicated parrot owner)  Article By Jeannine Miesle, M.A., M. Ed. Academic researcher in the field of avian medicine. Allied Professional Member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians,, IVIS, and administrator … Read more