Bird Nail Clipping

The photos and below information are courtesy of Mandy and Paul – Breeder of Finches, Canaries and Other Exotic Birds – Singing Wings Aviary – There will be times when you will need to trim your bird’s nail. This task becomes fairly easy with time. The hardest part is learing how to hold the … Read more

Charlie - handicapped cockatiel on his platform

Training / Behavioral Guidance of Pet Lories and Lorikeets

Lories are known for their intelligence, and they are more than happy to entertain you with the tricks that have learned. They are capable of aggressive behavior if their territory and possessions are not respected and nippiness can occur if this behavior is not managed. Consistent training and behavioral guidance is recommended so that you … Read more

Avianweb Bird Arm & Hand Perch

Avianweb (TM) Arm & Hand Perch

To buy, click here Also: Please check out our new BIRD HARNESS – a PERFECT complement to Avianweb’s Arm & Hand Perch! Features The perches come in 5 diameters to accommodate little to large birds:  Choose the diameter perch that suits your pet’s size (for size guide, please scroll down), but also take into consideration … Read more

New to Parrots

I am totally new to parrots, and am trying to find the perfect breed for me. I’m in high school, which would usually mean no parrot would work, but I’m online schooled, so I’m home all the time.