Why Is My Budgie Quiet

The 3 Reasons Why Your Budgie Is Quiet

Budgies, also known in America as parakeets, are very sociable, noisy, and happy birds, and are relatively simple to take care of. However, some people who have budgies may notice that this typically chirpy bird has suddenly become unnaturally quiet. Nothing that you do will make it chirp, and sometimes days have gone by and … Read more

20 Reasons Why Budgies Are Awesome Pets

20 Reasons Why Budgies Are Awesome Pets

While some pet owners may prefer a furry companion like a cat or dog, it is very important to think about your individual lifestyle and living situation before you bring home a larger animal. As wonderful as they can be as pets, sometimes a furry friend just requires more time, money, and attention than you … Read more

Do Budgies Grieve? If yes, how can you help?

Budgies Do Grieve! Here Is How You Can Help

There is no question that when a cherished pet has died, it is completely normal for you and your surviving budgie to grieve. How, then, can you help your beloved bird recover from his mourning period? First, let’s look at some signs and indicators that your budgie may be grieving: feather-plucking constant head-bobbing (If your … Read more

Does It Hurt When A Budgie Bites?

Here Is How Much Budgie Bites Hurt

Have you ever wondered how much budgie bites hurt? All budgie owners love this little bird with their bright colors and adorable chirps, it is important not to forget that they do have a beak and they know how to use it. While most budgie bites will not cause a lot of damage, they can … Read more

Why Is My Budgie Biting Me?

6 Reasons Why Your Budgie Is Biting You

You have a cute budgie that you adore dearly. You want to spend time with it, play with it, and more. But come to find that, unfortunately, your budgie is biting you. This will naturally cause you to feel worried and will make you wonder what may be wrong with it. The good news is, … Read more

How to check your Cockatiel´s health by looking at its droppings

The Ultimate Cockatiel Poop Guide

Did you know that you can easily check your Cockatiels health? You can! Simply look at its droppings! Your avian chum’s droppings are one of the best indicators of your bird’s wellbeing. In short, always check the number of times a day he or she goes, the color, poop distribution in the cage, the volume … Read more