Are Budgies Messy?

Here Is How Messy Budgies Really Are

If you are considering adding a budgie to your household, it is very likely that you have a lot of questions, including wondering exactly how much mess budgies are going to make. Are budgies messy? Unfortunately, budgies may be small, but as any budgie owner can attest, they can – and frequently do – make … Read more

How To Stop Your Budgie From Making A Mess

Your Budgies Are Messy? Just Do This!

If your budgie’s mess is causing you distress, rest assured that you are not alone. Budgies may be small, but as any budgie owner can attest, they can — and frequently do — make big messes. Throwing food around their cages, splashing in their water dishes, and spreading feathers about the room are just a … Read more

Do cockatiels like swings?

The 3 Reasons Why Cockatiels Love Swings

A proper cage is more than a house- it’s a home, and no home is complete without furnishings. That means perches, toys, and bells. Another typical cage accessory is a swing. If you are not sure this item a necessary addition to your bird’s home, continue reading. The answer may surprise you. Do cockatiels like … Read more

best toys for budgies

15 Amazing Toys Your Budgie Will Absolutely Love

It’s no secret for any budgie owner that budgies are some of the most playful birds out there. Enhance their playfulness even more by giving your budgie a toy. Every budgie and their playing habits are different, so the toys that one budgie likes does not necessarily mean that it will also be what another … Read more

are dowel perches bad for birds?

Are Dowel Perches Bad For Birds? Here Is The Truth

Dowel perches usually come in the price that you pay for a regular cage for your pet birds. But with other perches available in the market, dowel perches somewhat pale in comparison and some even believe that they can be harmful. Are dowel perches bad for birds? The answer is that it depends on how … Read more

Are plastic perches bad for budgies?

Here Is Why Plastic Perches Are Bad For Budgies

Like everyone else, when I first brought my budgie home I didn’t have the necessary detailed knowledge about what type of perches should be kept inside their cages to make their new home look a friendly atmosphere. I was confused initially and tried different plastic perch options. But with time, as the number of my … Read more

How many perches do Cockatiels need?

How Many Perches Should A Cockatiel Have?

It is pure joy to see your pet cockatiel frolic around in its cage and chirping. But do you have enough perches in its cage to make the habitat a fun place for your pet? How many perches should a cockatiel have? Ideally, you should provide about 3-4 perches to take care of various needs … Read more

Are Rope Perches Good For Birds?

Are Rope Perches Good For Birds?

Bird perches are some of the most important accessories you will need to purchase for your pet. With so many options, it can be a daunting task. Rope perches are a popular option, but before you buy, you’ll want to know if this is the best option for your bird. Are rope perches good for … Read more