Can I Clean A Bird cage with vinegar?

Can I Clean My Birdcage With Vinegar?

If you have birds for a pet, you know that they are fun, engaging pets but they come with a stack of responsibilities. Primary among them is maintaining a clean home for them. That’s not the home they share with you but rather the cage they are kept in. Keeping a clean cage is not … Read more

best bird cages for cockatoos

The 5 Best Birdcages For Your Cockatoo

With so many options for bird cages, it is hard to determine which one will work for both you and your Cockatoo. Listed are five bird cages for your Cockatoo. Not all bird cages are created equal. To get the best one for your bird first, you need to determine your means and living situation … Read more

Do parrots need light at night?

Do Parrots Need Light At Night?

Do parrots need light at night? This has a lot to do with imitating what naturally happens with light in the wild. You will also find out in this article how manipulating light can help the health and behavior of your parrot. Further, we will also discuss the times when you should do light manipulation … Read more

Can parrots play with cardboard?

Can Parrots Play With Cardboard?

Can parrots play with cardboard? If you are a long-time parrot owner, you might be familiar with how much parrots love to play with cardboard. In fact, they love picking at cardboard so much that if you have a piece lying around in the cage, any other toy would end up being ignored. But is … Read more

do parrots need beds?

Do Parrots Need A Bed? You Need To See These 4 Beds!

I have seen many avian pet owners to get concerned over their birds’ diet, toys, and cage. And as a new parrot owner, I used to be all worried about these factors contributing to my pet’s well-being. But over the years, I have realized that often many bird-owners forgot about the need for a bed … Read more