Here Is How Much Budgie Bites Hurt

Does It Hurt When A Budgie Bites?Have you ever wondered how much budgie bites hurt? All budgie owners love this little bird with their bright colors and adorable chirps, it is important not to forget that they do have a beak and they know how to use it.

While most budgie bites will not cause a lot of damage, they can still give you a fright and it can be particularly painful for children. To answer the question; yes, a budgie bite will hurt, but it will depend on how hard they bite how much it will hurt you.

However, most budgie bites will happen for a reason and they do not choose to bite their owners out of the blue. This means it is necessary to take the time to understand your pet in order to learn how to avoid being bitten in the future.

So, let’s have a look at budgie bites and how you can stop them from happening.

Does a Budgie Bite Hurt?

If you have a budgie as a pet, it can be upsetting when they bite you. In fact, sometimes it can be hard to know why it happened.

Of course, like any other bird or animal, budgies can control the strength and force of their bite. This means that every bite is different and this will affect whether the bite is going to hurt you or not.

The Budgie Nip

For example, a budgie can nip you with their beak. This is usually felt as a fast nip on the skin, which is probably more of a surprise than being very painful.

It will not break the skin but may leave a small red mark. A budgie normally nips you as a warning that they are starting to feel scared by something in their environment or that you are doing something that they do not like.

This is their way of communicating that they are not comfortable right now and it is best to back away and give them some space.

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    The Budgie Bite

    A budgie can also forcefully bite you. This is going to hurt more than a nip and last a little longer.

    Again, this is a sign that your budgie does not like being in the situation that they are currently in.

    They are demonstrating that they are not happy with you and are showing their displeasure by biting you. This is going to sting similar when you knock your hand into something.

    It will be uncomfortable for a few minutes after it has happened and you may feel shocked. This will be particularly painful for children.

    The Hard Budgie Bite

    In addition, budgies have an even harder bite, which will only be seen when they want to get away from you and they are terrified. It is an intention bite that is used in self-defense.

    This will be the bite that hurts the most and they can cling on when you try to move back. This can be compared to catching your finger on something. Indeed, this can hurt.

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      But there should be no blood or broken skin. There may be slight bruises afterward, depending on where the bites have been.

      Why do Budgies Bite?

      There are many reasons why budgies bite. The good news is that when you understand why they bite, you can help prevent this action.

      Budgies are social birds and this means that biting usually happens out of anxiety and fear. But, budgies may also bite when they are irritated and tired, as well as even through boredom.

      For example, if you do not yet have trust and a bond with your budgie, they may not be comfortable being touched or handled by you.

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        For such a small bird, a new environment can be overwhelming. Make sure that your budgie is comfortable in your presence before trying new things. Use a soft voice and encourage them to come to you.

        If your budgie is afraid of you, or suddenly shows aggressive behavior, we recommend reading our following articles:

        How To Stop A Budgie From Biting?

        How Can I Stop My Budgie From Biting?

        There are ways that you can stop your budgie from biting you. You can have to have some time and patience.

        First of all, think about the occasions when your budgie has bitten you. Make a note of them, as there may be several reasons why it has occurred.

        Once you know why they bite, you can address the issue. For example, was your budgie outside of the cage or did you reach inside unexpectedly?

        Where they being handled at the time or offered treats? It is best to try and identify a pattern in the behavior. Most instances of biting come from fear.

        Ignore the Bite

        Did you know that you could be reinforcing biting to your budgie? Of course, this is not done deliberately, but a lot of people do not realize they are reacting wrongly.

        For example, a lot of people respond to a bite from their budgie by scolding them. But this could be giving the budgie the reaction that they want and even attention if they are bored.

        The best way to deal with a budgie bite is to simply ignore it and not reaction. While this can be difficult if it gives you a fright or it is painful, it will not give them the reaction that makes them feel like they have won and it does not encourage them to do it again.

        Create a Schedule

        If your budgie is biting because they are not happy with being hungry or they are not left to sleep when they are tired, you can prevent this happening by keeping a regular schedule.

        If your budgie knows when to expect these things during the day, this will create certainty, which makes all animals happy and healthy. Sometimes, budgies just need a little space.

        You would be surprised how this can help with their temperament and make them more content.

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          Encourage Interaction

          It has been mentioned that budgies can bite out of anxiety and fear. Often, this is due to improper handling and touching.

          So, the key to avoid being bitten is to take things slowly and encourage your budgie to come to you first. This makes sure it is his or her choice to sit on your hand or shoulder.

          A common trigger of budgie biting is following your budgie around and bothering them. This can be interpreted as chasing and be scary for your budgie, forcing him or her to resort to self-defense, which can be a painful bite.

          Be sure that you use a soft voice and talk to your budgie, offer him or her treats and work on touching and handling slowly.

          Have Toys

          To avoid biting from boredom, make sure that your budgie has enough toys to play with. Like any animal, budgies need mental stimulation in order to be happy.

          So, head to your local pet shop and pick up some fun toys for your budgie. For example, budgies will like toys that they can climb on, as well as chew. We show you 15 awesome toys your budgie will love in this article!

          However, you should never buy a mirror for your budgie – here is why.

          With a toy that they can play with, they are less likely to resort to biting through boredom and you can enjoy more positive interactions with your happy budgie.

          Be reassured that if your budgie is biting you, there is a solution to the problem. Make sure that you are patient and pay attention to when they bite you so you can come up with a resolution. Just follow this guide!

          Also, if you want to learn more about biting budgies, I recommend to have a look at my article 6 Reasons Why Your Budgie Bites.

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          5 thoughts on “Here Is How Much Budgie Bites Hurt”

          1. my little chip chip is about 5 month old. he has got a big cage and is allowed to fly freely. he usually comes straight out in the morning and tries to sit on my glasses. then, the next thing is that he bites my eyelid. no matter how often I take him away from it, he does it again and again. I have had to start putting on a hood on my fleece so that he does not climb up on me again. I do not take him out of his cage and he comes freely. we do play and he has loads of other toys. he also has learned quite a few phrases, so he is a quick learner, apart from learning not to bite me.
            I don’t grab him and I also make sure that his needs are met. by the way, he does not like millet. lol

            • Hey Jacky,

              thank you for your comment. Your little chip chip seems to be an amazing smart little birb.

              Well, when birds grow up they go through some phases, just like we humans do. One of those phases includes testing and biting quite often.

              When I was young I had a conure that was raised by hand. You should think that that bird was very tame as he had known humans all his life.

              He was exactly as you describe chip chip. Very smart, active, and just a cute guy. However, he tried to bite very very often. He even bit my lip, which was very painful.

              Of course, I do not know your whole situation but it seems to me that this is just a phase.

              Still, if you feel that chip chip gets more and more aggressive, I recommend reading our article on sudden aggression in budgies here.

              Hope this helps, Jacky!



          2. I have enjoyed reading your messages.
            My Bobby is about 5months and still will not get on my finger.
            When I put it near him he shyes away. Although he does eat millet from my hand.
            I am very patient with him, but am getting discouraged that he won’t get on my
            Finger, I set on the couch right next to him and talk to him off an on all day.

          3. My budgie bit me a lot when I first adopted her. She was kept in a cage and not interacted with much from her former owners though. So,she was very territorial over her cage. I spent time with her every day as much as possible though,and when I had to handle her,I would wear gloves. She is now a very friendly and social bird. We got her a male friend,and she seems very happy. She will nip softly when she grooms our faces at times,but doesn’t bite aggressively often. Only when she has gone into a breeding mode and once when I woke them in the morning and took her by surprise. The male never bites,ever. Just the female lol.

          4. Female parakeets will bite harder than a male
            They especially seem to go for the little web.
            area between the fingers and chew back and forth
            It is supposed that the female is usually in the nest
            Box when predators come and she is most aggressive


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