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Bird Proofing Your Home!

Most people really don’t know how to set up a bird’s play area. We realize that a simple cage isn’t enough for intelligent creatures, such as parrots.

They need plenty of out-of-cage time to play and exercise. Many of us would rather not have them use our furniture as playgyms — unless you don’t mind beaks “customizing” your furniture to their liking. Some people don’t care — but if you do, a playground will provide a fun playground for your bird and will take his or her focus away from your furniture. The more fun and creative the playground is, the more likely your parrot will want to spend time on it.

The photos of the playgrounds on this page will help those of us with a lack of “creativity” (including myself) by giving us some ideas as to how to set up our own parrot playgrounds.

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Blu's PlaygroundWhite-bellied Caique


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