Are parrots hard to take care of?

Are Parrots Hard To Take Care Of?

If you are considering adopting a parrot and making him or her the newest member of your family, chances are you wonder if you can provide the best care and living environment for your prospective bird. Parrots are one of the most stunning and unique pets that you can own, and their huge personalities make … Read more

At what age do parrots start talking?

At What Age Do Parrots Start Talking?

Parrots are a popular choice of pet for families and one of the reasons for this is their ability to talk. Everyone wants their furry friend to chat and have some fun, but every parrot species is going to learn at different times. At what age do parrots start talking? The answer to this question … Read more

Are parrots omnivores, herbivores or carnivores?

Are Parrots Omnivores, Herbivores Or Carnivores?

When I first bought a parrot, I didn’t have a clue about whether a parrot eats the food of both animal and plant origin or just plant origin or only animal origin. Being confused about whether my parrot was omnivorous or not, it was difficult for me to plan its diet properly. But, now after … Read more

How long can parrots go without water?

How Long Can Parrots Go Without Water?

If you have a pet parrot at home, you are in for a lot of chirps. But is your feathered friend getting its adequate dose of water? How long can parrots go without water? Parrots need to drink water several times during the day. While it depends on the size and age of the parrot … Read more

How often should parrots bathe?

How Often Should Parrots Bathe?

Birds feel so unlike us that we don’t know instinctively know small things like when they should bathe. How often should parrots bathe? Depending on the temperature, your parrot should have the opportunity to bathe daily. The frequency of bathing will change, reflecting the time of the year. In warmer months your bird needs more … Read more

How many words can a parrot learn?

How Many Words Can A Parrot Learn?

Talking parrots are a source of amusement and make great pets. Those are the things we take for granted but when you’re wandering around a pet store, or the aviary at the local Zoo, have you ever wondered how much more they could say other than Who’s a pretty boy then? How many words can … Read more

best parrots for beginners

4 Parrots That Are Great For Beginners!

In this article, we will show you four of the best parrots for beginner owners. Please understand that there is no such thing as a beginner parrot-just parrots that are less demanding than others. We will look at the personalities of the parrots, and also the nuances of the birds. One thing you have to … Read more

Are Parrots Dangerous?

Are Parrots Dangerous? What You Must Know

Parrots are one of the most liked pets, and many people plan on adopting them. In the U.S. alone, one-third of the bird pets are parrots. Parrot bites or feather plucking is not something new, yet many bird owners are still curious to know whether parrots are dangerous, aggressive, or even scary as a pet. … Read more