Can Budgies Eat Oranges?

Can Budgies Eat Oranges?Just like any other pet, budgies need a good diet to stay healthy and happy. A lot of owners know that budgies can enjoy fruit and vegetables; but can they eat oranges on a regular basis? The answer to this burning question is yes, but they should be restricted.

Can Budgies Eat Oranges? Oranges are okay to feed budgies as they enjoy the taste, but they also contain a lot of sugar, which is known as fructose. In high amounts, it can be too much for budgies to digest properly. To avoid loose droppings and other health issues, it’s best to only feed them limited amounts of oranges each week.

Let’s dive into the details and find out more about why budgies should not eat too many oranges and what the best diet is for your pet.

Budgies and Oranges

Every budgie deserves a treat now and again. A lot of pet owners choose to make fruits a treat for their budgie, including oranges. This is a good way to think about feeding your feathered friend oranges.

It should not be something that is included in their diet every day, but it is a tasty treat for them around once or twice per week.

While segments of orange may be small to us, they are a lot for our feathered friends. They contain a lot of fructose, and this sugar can make them hard for budgies to digest.

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    This can lead to runny dirty and making them feel sick. In the long term, it can also lead to obesity if they eat oranges too much.

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      Of course, there is no need to panic; the fructose that is contained in oranges is not toxic. It just has to be limited in their diet to keep your budgie happy and healthy.

      Again, if you offer oranges are small treats to your budgie, they can enjoy the taste and having something new and colorful to explore in their cage.

      How to Serve Oranges to Budgies

      An excellent way to make sure that your budgie is receiving a good amount of oranges each week for their diet is to choose certain days when they can enjoy this tasty treat. This will make sure they do not get too much.

      So, let’s have a look at how you can serve some delicious oranges to your feathered friend.

      Peel the Orange

      However, it is not recommended to serve the orange peel to your budgie. While some budgies would eat it if they are given some, there is a chance that the peel could have pesticides on it.

      This may be toxic for your little-feathered friend to eat. To be on the safe side, it is best to peel the orange first and to be extra safe, try to purchase organic oranges.

      Chop up the Orange

      While it can be tempting to put a whole orange in your budgie’s cage, it is best to chop it up into small pieces. This is the best way to monitor how much fruit your budgie is eating.

      Of course, we know that you should not feed your budgie too much orange so by choosing how many pieces you put in the cage, you can know how much fruit they are eating during the week.

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        This is a good way of cutting down fructose to avoid making your budgie feel sick or become overweight.

        Introduce to Your Budgie

        Budgies can respond differently to new things appearing in their cage. While some will be curious and want to know what an orange is, others will be cautious and maybe even be scared.

        That is why it is important to take the whole process of introducing oranges slowly.

        If your budgie seems apprehensive about it at first, you can always try to hand feed him or her so they trust you.

        Do not be disheartened if your budgie does not want to try the delicious orange pieces at first; they will come around in their own time and pluck up the courage to try it eventually!

        Remove at Night

        When it is bedtime for your little-feathered friend, it is best to remove all of the oranges from their cage. It is common for fruits to develop bacteria on it when it is exposed to the open air for too long.

        This bacterium could make your budgie sick if they choose to eat the oranges. So, simply remove the dish or pieces of orange from the cage. You can serve them up fresh pieces on another day for them to enjoy.Budgies And Fruits

        What is a Healthy Diet for Budgies?

        Now that we know oranges should only be given to budgies as treats, what is the best diet for our feathered friends to enjoy? There are lots of options out there, but it is important to be cautious and look at what the mixes and bags contain before you buy them.

        One of the most popular diets for budgies is to feed them pellets on a daily basis. This is a good way of getting all of the nutrients that they need in one food.

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          Most experienced budgies owners say pellets should make up around 75 percent of your feathery friends’ regular diet. While a lot of owners choose seed mixes, they can be too high in carbohydrates and fats, as well as not including all of the nutrients your bird needs to be healthy.

          Around 20 percent of your budgie’s diet should be made up of fresh vegetables.

          Not only are vegetables a fun snack for your feathered friend, but they are also tasty and full of vitamins and minerals. This can include broccoli, cucumber, spring greens, and carrots. Just be careful not to feed your feathered friend too much, as this can lead to runny droppings.

          The remaining five percent of your budgie’s diet should include. Of course, this should be a treat and only fed in small amounts. While you can feed your budgie some orange pieces, you can also offer some other fruits and switch it up.

          This can include raspberries and banana. While apple segments are safe for your budgie, do not feed them the seeds. These can be toxic for your feathered friend. It may also be best to avoid citrus fruits, as the citric acid can be hard for budgies to digest.

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          Related Questions

          Can my budgie eat dried fruit? It may be best to give your budgie fresh and organic fruit. This is because dried fruit normally contains other ingredients, such as preservatives. This may be harmful to your budgie and it can be hard for them to digest. The last thing you want to do is make your feathered friend sick.

          Should I feed my budgie cooked or raw vegetables? There is no need to boil or cook vegetables for your budgie. They can enjoy vegetables raw as they would do in the wild. In addition, organic and raw vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that are healthy for your budgie. Sometimes these can be lost when vegetables are boiled for too long. It can also lose the texture that budgies enjoy pecking at.

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          1. I have just got a biggie its young.igot it 19/5its not drank are eaten yet is this because its come from a pet shop and been with other birds . will it settle thank you

          2. I have two beautiful parakeets. They are still young and in same cage. They are inseparable. Always together and kissing. They like watching utube. I feed them seeds and this morning have them 1/4 of an organic orange, which they are eating now for a few hours. I didn’t know whether to take it out of their cage. I don’t want them to get sick. They seem obsessed with it.


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