Chick Development inside the Egg: From Egg to Parrot


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    This webpage features two photo series that show the growth of an embryo in an egg. The eggs were candled and then photographed.

    Newly hatched eclectus chick
    Newly hatched eclectus chick

    The process of candling allows you to view the interior of an egg.

    • The series of images (and the most life-like) courtesy of Brinsea – the leaders in egg incubation
    • The amazing “Inside View” graphic is courtesy of Susanne Russo.
    • The next photo series was produced by the University of California, Davis. It features candled eggs — Day 1 through Day 17 (please click on photos for enlarged images, with additional information).
    • Next, the photos of candled cockatiel eggs – courtesy of the Parrot Society of United Kingdom — including some incredible hatching photos.
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    Embryo in egg

    Developments inside the egg

    Orange-Winged Amazon Parrot Incubation Series

    © 1998 UC Regents, University of California, Davis

    Permission to publish the below photo series was kindly provided by Professor James R. Millam, Department of Animal Science – … Please note that some additional information was added by for clarification.

    Day 1

    Beginning of the alimentary tract; vertebral column; nervous system and head

    Day 2

    Beginning of ears and heart. Heart is beating.

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      Day 3

      Beginning of nose, legs and wings

      Day 4

      Beginning of tongue.

      Day 5

      Formation of reproductive organs.

      Day 6

      Beginning of the beak.

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        Day 7

        Day 8

        Beginning of feathers.

        Day 9

        Day 10

        Beginning of hardening of beak.

        Day 11

        Appearance of scales and claws

        Day 12

        Day 13

        Day 14

        Day 15

        Day 16

        Scales, claws and beak becoming firm

        Day 17

        Beak turns toward air cell

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          Day 19

          Yolk sac begins to enter body cavity

          Day 20

          The chick is in hatching position. It has pierced the air cell with its beak. Pulmonary respiration has begun.

          Day 21 (average for poultry)

          The chick breaks the shell with its egg tooth (the sharp horny structure on the upper beak, which will disappear within days of hatching). An enlargement in a muscle in the back of the neck also helps the chick force the egg tooth through the shell.

          Development of the chick inside an egg

          The Parrot Society of United Kingdom was so kind to allow us to publish these really interesting illustrations that show the development of the chick inside the egg — at its different stages of development.

          Egg To Parrot
          Developing embryo - Day 10
          Developing embryo - Day 15
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