Make sure your eggs are delivered when your incubator is set up and ready for use. To ensure maximum hatch rates, incubation should commence immediately upon the receipt of the eggs
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Useful Information: Breeders’ Resources (covers everything from handfeeding to potential breeding / chick problems) … Incubation Information (html) … Information on Housing Chicks, Temperature Requirements, etc.Caring for Poultry Chicks from Day One to Independence

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United Kingdom


United States:


The Bantam Barn – Steve Wheat, 17694 Hwy 43, N Northport Alabama 35475, Tel. 205-333-6987
Sell chicken eggs

Black Creek Pultry – John and Shari Tant, 44 County Rd. 5, Collinsville, Al; 35961, Tel. 256-438-0123 – NPIP Approved – Sell: Hatching Eggs, Day Old Chicks and Started Chicks


Boswell Poultry Farm – Camden, AK


Central California:

Coyote Ridge Ranch LLC – Pozo California, outside of Santa Margarita
Sell Quail and Chicken Eggs. Also Started Chicks (8 week old) Coops, Rollaway Nest boxes

Northern California: – Hatching Eggs, Ducks and Chickens for Sale – Tel. (530) 413-8257 or (530) 41-DUCKS

South California:

Tommy’s Pet Paradise ~ “Home of the Rare and Exotics” – Tel: (619) 321-9634
Sells: Red Junglefowls (Rare Quality / Wild-Strains), Grey Junglefowls (Sonnerat’s Junglefowl), American Onagadori (World’s Longest Tail Chicken), Champion Malaysian Serama: Class A’s and B’s (World’s Smallest Chicken), Bantam Phoenix (Show Quality), Bantam Old English and Modern Game (Show Quality), Fancy Pheasants (Red Goldens, Yellow Goldens, Reeves, Pure Silvers, Lady Amhersts, etc. – From Quality Lines) and Rare/Native Quails (California Valley Quail, Mountain Quail, Gambel’s Quail, Northern Bobwhites, White Bobwhites, Georgia Giants, Japanese “Coturnix” Quails, Chinese Painted “Button” Quails, etc. – From Quality Lines), Various Gamebirds, Birds, etc. Eggs: Any type of egg(s) from the list above is available for purchasing. Can ship eggs / live birds and can deliver if local.


eFowl – The Web’s Source for Waterfowl, Chickens, and Gamebirds
Boulder, CO, Tel.: 323-39E-FOWL – Ship all over the US!

Sell: Duck, Chicken, and Goose Eggs, including Mallards, Pekins, Rouens, Cayugas, Buffs, African Greys, Brown Chinese, Barred Plymouth Rocks, and Americanas


Affordable Backyard Chicken Coops and Houses – Contact: Suzie O’Connor – Tel: 888-595-5306 or 352-450-6234
Location: Gainsville, FL
Sell fertile chicken eggs and chickens


Hard Times Farm
Cairo, GA 39828
Sell: Barred Rocks, Red Stars, Black Stars, Rhode Island Reds, Delawares, White Rocks, and Jungle Fowl fertile eggs

Wadley Quail Farm – PO Box 338
Wadley, Georgia 30477
(478) 252 5345


Medium Blueback Ringneck Pheasant Eggs
NPIP and AI Approved
Shipping and Delivery
Available Redlegs, Unlimited
Parma, ID
(208) 722-1008


Peacock Information Center – Located in: Minden, Iowa
Sell Peahen hatching eggs

Guinea Farm – Large fancy color guinea fowl hatchery
Located in New Vienna, Iowa, USA.
Sales include keets, fertile eggs, peafowl, llamas, and swans.


Elm Creek Quail Farm – 1341 N.E. Isabel rd
Medicine Lodge, KS 67104
(620) 886-3115

Ringneck Haven, Inc.
Small Blueback Pheasant Eggs
Shipping and Delivery Available
Pretty Prairie, KS
Tel. 620-459-0121

Thundering Wings Pheasant Farm
Thunder Ringneck Pheasant Eggs
Shipping and Delivery Available
Westphalia, KS


Lake Cumberland Gamebirds – Monticello, KY, 765
(765) 381-3642

Sell the following eggs: Quail, Chukar Partridge, Ringneck Pheasant, Northern Bobwhite


Acadiana Aviaries Located: 2500 Chatsworth Road, Franklin, Louisiana 70538
Sell fertile eggs from geese, chickens and ducks


Fullflight Game Farm
Bernardston, MA
Tel. 413-648-9580
For Sale: Pheasant Eggs


Harding Gamebird Preserve – Ridgeway, MO 64481

Sell Pheasant Eggs, Chukar Eggs, Quail Eggs


New Mexico

Pheasant Farm
McIntosh, NM 505-384-5163
Sells: Pheasant Eggs- Shipping and Delivery Available


New York

Michelle Marshall, 121 Valley Rd Malone NY 12953 518-353-8745

Sell: Chickens (Standard and Bantam Fowl). Prefer PayPal when shipping


Bluebell Silkies
Hubbard, OH 44425

Windy Ridge Pheasant Farm
6000 Stough Road Tiro
Ohio 44887-9752
(419) 562-4814 or (888) 969-3355 toll free

Sell: Chinese Ringneck pheasants, eggs, and chicks


Popson Farm Poultry – Located about an hour south of Pittsburgh in the foothills of southwestern PA
Sell chicken eggs: Ameracaunas, Black Tailed White Japanese, Silkies, Mille fleur d’Uccle, Cochins

South Dakota

Olesens Flyway – 600 Dakota St., Box 5, Hurley, SD 57036 – Contact: Matt Olesen, Tel. (605)-238-5548
Sell pheasant, partridge, quail eggs


McCallums Flock, Located in Texarkana, Texas
Sell random mixes of fertilized chicken eggs of myriad species, including Bantams, Phoenix, Bantam Sumatras, Bantam Salmon Faverolles, Serama, Old English, Denizli, Silkies, Showgirls

Ideal Poultry Breeding Farms, Inc., P.O. Box 591
Cameron, TX 76520-0591
(254) 697 6677

R and M Ostrich Farm , 401 Potomac Street. Taylor, Texas 76574 – Phone: 1-512-352-5624
Sell ostrich eggs and ship worldwide

Gamebirds Richland Spring, TX 325-372-7481
Sells Pheasant Eggs
Shipping Available Nationwide – Delivering to TX, NM, OK, LA J and M



CornerStone Farm, 525 Barnes Rd. Red Oak, Virginia 23964
Tel. 434-735-0527

Chicken Eggs April to June – Choice variety of at least 3 breeds from our flock of Dominique, Andalusian, Barnevelder, Welsummer, Ameraucana, or Dark Cornish.

Duck Eggs March to May – Choice variety of at least 2 breeds from our flock of Pekin, Mallard, or Khaki Campbell. One dozen limit per order.

The Sizer Family Farm – The Sizer Family Farm
Rural Route, 1 Box, 1180, New Castle, Virginia 24127 – Tel. 540-864-5340
Sell chickens (various breeds) and hatching eggs


Pheasant Chicks Farm –  
Glenn and Judy Symon Peaceable Hill Pheasant Chicks Farm 200 Burgess Road Shoreham, VT 05770-9555 – Phone: 802-897-5913
Sell Ringneck pheasant eggs and day old chicks


Farm Medley – url:
214 S. Maple St. Kimberly, WI 54136
Sell Dominique (Dominecker) Chickens and Hatching Eggs